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New track record for Colonel Carlo Calcagni with FORZA PURA independent bike cranks

On Sunday May 30th, Colonel Carlo Calcagni established a new track record with FORZA PURA independent bike cranks, approved by the judges of the Italian Athletics Federation, at the Centro Polisportivo in Rivarolo Canavese (Turin). A sporting event that wanted to focus on issues related to sport for the disabled and also aimed at letting […]

The history of a heroic cyclist like Jacek Berruti and his healthy desire to try one more time

Jacek Berruti is one of those people with cycling in his blood. A true heroic cyclist. He had a good teacher, his father, Luciano, who gave him courage, foresight, goodness and an unbridled passion for the essence of cycling: a way to have fun and create harmony between people. This is why, on his birthday, […]

Nico Valsesia: “My weekly training plan with the FORZA PURA bike cranks.”

The use of special bike cranks for a workout that involves all the lower muscular districts is not yet a widespread practice among amateur athletes. But the FORZA PURA independent bike cranks are elevating the concept of pedaling to a higher level: it is not only fun but also a new technique aimed at improving […]

Vanotti Bicycle Camp 2020/2021: Coach Luca Bianchini interviews the Italian former professional cyclist Alessandro Vanotti

On the occasion of the Italian Bike Festival a few days ago, several celebrities from the world of sports visited the MagneticDays stand to get together with the whole team and have a chat about indoor training, winter cycling preparation and seasonal events for  2020/2021. Among them was Alessandro Vanotti, Italian former professional cyclist with […]

Overreaching in indoor cycling: a reflection from Coach Luca Bianchini

In this historic moment, with the world pandemic and all the associated limitations, many people are dedicating more time to indoor cycling. Sports help you fill your days, strengthen your body and your mind, optimize your time and keep yourself in good health. However, some people are beginning to show signs of impatience with the […]

Bike trainers and the benefits of personalized indoor training

Spring arrived well before March 21st this year, although these last few days, winter is still playing up. Now more than ever, it’s necessary to try and optimize our day in the best possible way. We all are more aware of how personalized indoor training is the best solution, sometimes the only solution, to keep fit and […]

David Labouchere and his personal experience with MagneticDays smart trainer

Training indoor in Dubai? We talked about with David Labouchere, a top age-grouper (55-59) in long course triathlon, who told his personal experience with MagneticDays smart trainer. He came from a background of rugby and running for fitness, and found Ironman racing only when he was 47 years old. David has now been competing for […]

How to set up a weekly training schedule for an Ironman triathlon and optimize performance

In this third and final part dedicated on optimizing the first three months of an Ironman distance triathlon season, Coach MD Luca Bianchini outlined the guidelines on how to set up a weekly training schedule for in Ironman Triathlon. “In the various books on training methodology – says Coach Bianchini – we talk about training […]

How to optimize the performance of an Ironman distance triathlon: the point of view of MD Coach Luca Bianchini

In the first part of this article we saw how indoor triathlon training with MagneticDays can be successfully used in planning the first three months of training for a Ironman athlete. In this second part we involved MD Coach Luca Bianchini to understand and analyze how to optimize the performance of an Ironman distance triathlon. […]

Indoor triathlon training with JARVIS smart trainer in the first 3 months of an Ironman season

Indoor triathlon training, especially Ironman distance training, is increasingly present in the life of athletes, amateurs and professionals. If before “smart training” was considered an option for a few, today it is becoming an integral part of a training strategy aimed at optimizing the performance for many. A multipurpose tool like MagneticDays JARVIS smart trainer […]

The HTT cycling training methodology applied to recovery from partial injury in the rehabilitation of the Achilles tendon

The Achilles tendon is the strongest and thickest muscle in the human body but, despite its size, it is also the one most exposed to the risk of injury. There are several causes that can lead an athlete (cyclists, triathletes, mtbikers or runners) to face, physically and mentally, this type of injury, which can involve […]

The Bio-MagneticDays Research Project starts!

Two months ago we had the great pleasure to win the POR CREO 2014-2020, a project carried out by the Region of Tuscany and the Regional Operational Program (ROP) of the European Regional Development Fund. MagneticDays was selected with its biomedical project named Bio MagneticDays – developed in R.T.I. (Temporary grouping ocompanies) – with the […]

Self-Calibrating Workout on MagneticDays smart trainer: the advice of Coach Simone Buracchi

The Self-Calibrating Workout on JARVIS smart trainer is a type of workout studied by MagneticDays, in collaboration with the University of Verona, that can be used as a “guideline” in case you do not have the support of an MD Coach (different from the HTT – High Tech Training methodology), which, to date, represents the […]

MagneticDays wins a biomedical research project financed by Tuscany Region

The mission of POR CREO 2014-2020 – sponsored by the Region of Tuscany, the Regional Operational Program (ROP) of the European Regional Development Fund – is to contribute to the implementation of European Union strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, promoting economic, social and territorial cohesion. MagneticDays has been selected to participate in this project, […]

Joule incremental test by MagneticDays: the new Conconi!

Joule incremental test by MagneticDays represents a new version of Conconi test, that intended to measure an individual’s maximum anaerobic and aerobic threshold heart rates. The test measures a person’s heart rates at different loads (e.g. faster speeds on a treadmill). The points are plotted on a graph with heart rate on one axis and power (or some correlated measurement such as running speed) on […]

The six Pillars of MagneticDays Training Philosophy

During the last months we wanted to tell you about the evolution of a product that is grown during the last first five years, through reproducible results that were tested by all those who have chosen MagneticDays for their physical and mental wellness! As we often like to say, during the times where people drives sports cars, we have offered a plan. And […]

MagneticDays Training Philosophy – indoor training has never been so fun

This is the last chapter of MagneticDays Training Philosophy that completes a scientific and human path of learning and knowledge that brings the MD Coach to have a real overview of the situation about characteristics and physiological values for each user/athlete who, in the meantime, has established with the MD Coach a true friendship. And there’s always a “bilateral connection”: […]

Coach Andrea Gabba: “Quality Indoor Training is not a trend. It’s a must!”

Andrea Gabba is one of the most important Italian Triathlon Coach with a great experience at international level. Dedication, passion, working method and results are the fundamentals of his training phylosophy, because quality is the only way to obtain great results. Palmarès of Andrea Gabba Andrea Gabba is a young Coach with a fantastic palmarès: he […]

MagneticDays Training Philosophy – Time Trial Newton test and Offset

In the last four articles about the MagneticDays Training Philosophy we have talked about our main strengths. In this fifth and penultimate article we go into the heart of philosophy. Critical Power Test: you are what you can do When the MD Coach realizes how the user/athlete rides, he can plan a CRITICAL POWER TEST. In other words “you are what […]

Happy to introduce the NEW VIRTUAL GEAR! (Release 2.1.1 App MD WiFi)

It has to be said: MagneticDays is more than a smart trainer! After having developed the first Indoor Training System based on scientific approach (which is improved and increasingly accurate with the rapid progress of technology), we are happy to introduce the new release (2.1.1) of MD WiFi App (available for iOS and Android) that allows to satisfy the […]

MagneticDays Training Philosophy – incremental exercise test is the way

In the last article about the MagneticDays Training Philosophy we have talked about how to increase Bike Power (the great innovation about our Indoor Training System) working with the two fundamental components of “Power data”: RPM (Revolution Per Minute) and Force (Newton Per Meters), and how it is absolutely necessary to determine the specific physiological values for each athlete before to write a custom built training. […]

MagneticDays Training Philosophy – how to increase Bike Power

Physics and evolution of cycling simulator were the key concepts of the introduction of MagneticDays Training Philosophy. With this third article, you can start to understand the great innovation about our indoor training system. Considering that we have at disposal the Jarvis indoor training system (an instrument with high accuracy and precision), we can always refer to the same state having always the same […]

MagneticDays Training Philosophy – the evolution of cycling simulator

Let’s go back to talking about the MagneticDays training philosophy in this second article on blog. A few days ago we introduced the first topic about what was the physical environment in which we could to be able to work with our indoor training system born as MD425 (as a first step) and subsequently evolved in Jarvis. Considering that using either the […]

MagneticDays Training Philosophy – it’s all about Physics

How is born the MagneticDays training philosophy? It all started five years ago when we wanted to understand in more depth what was the physical environment in which we could to be able to work with our indoor training system, also thanks to the help of the considerations made in collaboration with a physicist of the University […]

JARVIS: the “magnetic” smart trainer like a superhero!

When our adventure started 5 years ago (the mission was to create the first indoor training system based on a scientific approach where theory and practice could “talk together” to give the users an amazing experience), we were inspired by Iron Man, the legendary Marvel hero (performed by Robert Downey Jr. fill in Tony Stark’s shoes), controlled from an artificial intelligence named Jarvis, like Edwin Jarvis, […]

RACE ACROSS LIMITS with Sabrina.. be yourself, be a hero!

RACE ACROSS LIMITS (be yourself, be a hero!) is the fundraising project by Sabrina Schillaci (Italian long distance triathlete) born with the goal to support COME COLLABORATION ONLUS Foundation from Pescara (Abruzzo), which helps (totally free) kids and infants with disabilities. Sabrina is very passionate of Ironman distance and her path starts 3 years ago when her husband have been victim of […]