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Vanotti Bicycle Camp 2020/2021: Coach Luca Bianchini interviews the Italian former professional cyclist Alessandro Vanotti

  16 February 2021

On the occasion of the Italian Bike Festival a few days ago, several celebrities from the world of sports visited the MagneticDays stand to get together with the whole team and have a chat about indoor training, winter cycling preparation and seasonal events for  2020/2021. Among them was Alessandro Vanotti, Italian former professional cyclist with 9 Giri d’Italia, 5 Tour de France, 5 Vuelta de Espana and 1 World Championship, and today Coach and testimonial for MD.  This gathering was an occasion to fine-tune the last details of the Vanotti Bicycle Camp 2020/2021: the project, dedicated to amateurs, offers the magic adventure of a professional team’s retreat on the road, combined with the experience of an active cycling vacation: “Training with quality is possible – said Vanotti – and this is what I try to transfer every day to all those who ride with me. That’s why I joined the MD family and this team; I saw a very high level both on the technical preparation and the human factor, two ingredients that will certainly bring value to my project.”

MD Coach Luca Bianchini – who will support Alessandro Vanotti during the camps – wanted to go into more detail about some aspects of the Vanotti Bicycle Camp. Here are some key points of their conversation.

Vanotti Bicycle Camp 1The Vanotti Bicycle Camp will start soon and I will come give you my support. How will the individual stages be organized?

Your support and that of MagneticDays will be invaluable. In fact, you and I will welcome customers as MD staff and together we will evaluate their physical condition at that precise moment. The aim of this is building a work base for the following days by dividing the group according to each individual’s need and workload / volume. This will allow us to have excellent data to start from (Watt, Newton and specific RPM), so that we will be able to plan “perfect” road rides, that is to say calibrated, “tailored” rides. Thanks to MD, in fact, we have unbelievable data available right before starting the work with the group, who is therefore in the best condition to live a quality cycling experience.

So not just a division into a group based on one’s abilities but also aimed at the projection of the various paths to be structured?

Of course. Based on the data that we will collect during the incremental test, we will have both the possibility of arranging two types of routes or of riding the same route in two different groups according to current condition of the participants. This in order to ensure everyone can have fun, stay together and finish the course in an optimal manner and be satisfied with the work done. Furthermore, I will be present and up close in all the outings to give technical suggestions, and help everyone improve their riding. This is because everyone is different and has a distinctive response, and the goal is to work well, grow together and team up, just like in a real professional team.

What do you want athletes to bring home after having lived your bicycle camp?

First of all a unique experience, where everyone feels part of a real team and feels a bit like a professional athlete. I don’t mean in terms of performance, but in terms of approach to the type of work behind, for example, a World Tour team that comes together to prepare a great competition.

Cycling, especially today, is not just pedaling but much more. What’s your point of view?

I agree. The Vanotti Bicycle camp’s objective is the 360-degree cyclist, considered not individually but within a team. Your support at the camp will be precisely for this reason, with specific evening training sessions dedicated to the MagneticDays indoor personalized training methodology. In addition to passion, we try to give something more with gatherings dedicated to training, in this specific case thanks to your experience as an MD Coach. The ultimate goal is to be able to accurately capture all the needs of the group regarding the day spent together. Vanotti Bicycle Camp together with MagneticDays are the difference that makes the difference!

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