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MagneticDays Training Philosophy – it’s all about Physics

  5 April 2018

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How is born the MagneticDays training philosophy? It all started five years ago when we wanted to understand in more depth what was the physical environment in which we could to be able to work with our indoor training system, also thanks to the help of the considerations made in collaboration with a physicist of the University of Pisa (Tuscany). One of the first things we have determined (by physical formula) is that using either the MagneticDays or any other Indoor Training System that use a resistance produced by permanent magnets (taking advantage from the Lorentz force) or dynamic resistance (produced by brakes), we are always in a phiysical condition of “flat terrain in the absence of wind.”

Whats does it mean? The physiological responses of those who pedal on these systems are equal to a flat terrain condition in the absence of wind. So, when it comes to climb or downhill simulation (or anything else), it’s not true.

On the road, in a flat terrain condition in the absence of wind (like MagneticDays) and independently from the others measurable values, the key factor that determines the dynamic resistance is given by v2 (dynamic resistance is proportional to velocity squared). What then arose in practice is that with the use of our magnetic braking system we are able to reproduce the condition of air resistance.

Instead, when you cycle uphill the gravity affects for v, therefore the total value of dynamic resistance (in the physical formula) must include the condition v2 + v, a physical enviroment that is not repeatable in an indoor training situation with these typology of these smart trainers (that consider only v2).

Why this introduction? Because we want to tell you about the evolution of a product that has found its complete growth during these first five years, through reproducible results that were tested by all those who (pro athletes and amateurs of triathlon, cycling, mountain biking and handbike) have chosen MagneticDays for their physical and mental wellness! 😉

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