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The history of a heroic cyclist like Jacek Berruti and his healthy desire to try one more time

  17 May 2022

Jacek Berruti is one of those people with cycling in his blood. A true heroic cyclist. He had a good teacher, his father, Luciano, who gave him courage, foresight, goodness and an unbridled passion for the essence of cycling: a way to have fun and create harmony between people. This is why, on his birthday, we share a little story he wrote just before the beginning of spring. A reflection linked to an experience in which anybody could find themselves, with their human limits, but with the desire to always get better. Because cycling – whether it is for training, competition or any situation linked to healthy competition – is, above all, the desire to try again, to enjoy a magical moment that only a frame and two wheels can give you. Happy reading and.. happy birthday Jacek!

Heroic Cyclist | Jacek Berruti 1

“This happens weekly: as I leave work, my main thought is to get home to get moving. To unplug and recharge the batteries. It is evening, it is dark outside. I spent eleven hours away from home, and now I’m looking for a challenge that can really make me feel alive: so I turn to that multicolored tool that is the MagneticDays Jarvis smart trainer. Ready, set, go: cream on the saddle, towel, sweatband and the right playlist, let’s go. Intensity training, I feel it immediately: my heartbeats are high; my breath becomes a little short already during warm-up. Minutes go by, the going gets tough, too much. At minute 25 the AC/DC ‘screaming’ in my ears are not enough to keep me going. Not even the photo of my dad in front of me; I don’t want to, but I know that sometimes insisting can cause harm: so get off, give up and ‘see you tomorrow’ is the only choice. Usually giving up is not an option during my indoor and outdoor workouts. But so it is this time. I get down.

Defeated, I think that perhaps I was too tired to train. Maybe I’d better respect the recovery times: so I will put this behind me and try again tomorrow. The next day comes. Cream, playlist, bla bla bla: minute 23 this time. Can’t do it. I curse, I stop the training, I get down and I wonder why. Can the meal plan I am following to the letter affect my performance? Yes, I have a food plan: I am training less than usual and I try to stay in shape only through what I eat.

I decide to write Luca Bianchini, my MD Coach, a man of infinite experience. I explain what happened. He tells me I’m ‘low on carbohydrates’, and it is normal for my performance to drop: “you have to decide what your goals are”. So I pass the ball to the nutritionist, who patiently explains to me in detail the wellness and health goals we had set. Mind you: I said well-being and health, not performance or results, I leave those to somebody else. And, if I do reach them, it will only be an indirect benefit.

I return to Luca, who resets my workouts with a lower intensity percentage, and who assures me that soon, with little careful changes in my nutrition, I could have nice surprises. And I sure did! You never stop learning: this is yet another demonstration. I had put together a micro cosmos of sport-health-wellness that opened new horizons for me. The added value is having a coach who can personalize and constantly readjust the training to best suit my needs and goals. I’m being a “guinea pig” for myself and I like it, I enjoy it.

I have the right tools, I have the right people around me and I am very, very lucky. For the record: with the new settings I finished the training as expected. The sweatband was back on, the playlist was “right” again and my “ego” gave a big sigh of relief, which is a reminder that every now and then, feeling at peace with yourself matters the most”.

Heroic Cyclist | Jacek Berruti 1

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