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Rental conditions

To gain access to the rental, it is enough to buy the specific article in the Shop and fill out any documentation required. The rental period for the MDE4/25 is 3 MONTHS at Euro 350,00 and for the MD JARVIS and MDE4-25 HB 6 months at Euro 700,00.

The start of the rental will be from the day the delivery has been received or the day of activation of the MD.

The rental cost of MDE4 / 25 and MD JARVIS also includes a package of 12 MD HTT (High Tech Training) methodology workouts at a commercial value of € 150,00. If there is a second extension period, the workouts package will NOT be included.

At the end of the rental period, there are several possibilities:

Having rented an MDE4 / 25, at the time of redemption, it will be possible to purchase a JARVIS deducting the amount indicated above from the Jarvis list price. In this case the 4/25 will be returned following the instructions in the return procedure and you will then receive a new MD JARVIS. If the rented MDE 4/25 you received was an overhauled MD , at the time of redemption it would be replaced with a new MDE4 / 25, with the same procedure described above for the Jarvis Upon Redemption you can gain access to the Interest Free Extension Plan, integrating the purchase with any MD Methodology package. If this solution is not provided in the Special Packages, a quote can be obtained by stating the request on the Wish List.

We are at your disposal for any requirement, we will find the right solution for you, contact us for information and personalized quotes at [email protected].

* Offer valid for MagneticDays MDE4-25