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Find out everything you need to know to start using your platform.

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We’re posting new how-to content to answer your most asked questions about how to use MD and make the most of its features.


In the package I found an accessory: USB ANT+, what is it for?

The ANT+ USB stick allows the connection between Zwift (or similar applications) and the MagneticDays.

Do I have to connect the ANT+ USB stick to the PC in order to use MagneticDays?

NO, the smart trainer works with the MagneticDays mobile / PC application via WiFi or USB, in this case the USB ANT+ adapter is not necessary.

In the package I found an accessory called Optical Remote Control, what is it for? Can I use it as a cadence sensor?

The optical remote control keys are an accessory, which has to be applied to the handlebar and offers different functions to suit the specific application. In general, it is recommended to keep the remote control disconnected, the coach will give instructions on use according to the type of training session required.

The controller is not a cadence sensor, so it is not possible to use it in that role, view the user guide for more info.

I can't unscrew my JARVIS’s leg nuts to open them

The leg nuts should NOT be unscrewed, the legs rotate to open and allow the trainer to stabilize.

Read the installation manual for more information on using the platform.

I charged the MagneticDays for several hours using the charger provided in the package, but the battery is still low.

Check that the charger supplied is working ( green led on ). Connect the charger to the MagneticDays and turn it on. 

Warning! the battery of the smart trainer is recharged ONLY when it’s powered on

The charger supplied in the package is faulty, can I use an alternative charger?

The JARVIS requires a 12V 3A power supply, you can use an alternative power supply if it respects the specifications. However, please contact the MD support to report the problem.

Can I use the power supply of my PC?

NO, even if the power connector is the same size and shape, in general the power supply of your PC is NOT compatible with the platform.

If used, the battery and electronics parts of the MagneticDays System may be damaged and the warranty may be voided.

I have been charging the battery of the smart trainer for several hours, but it will run out in a short time

The MagneticDays battery (when fully charged) guarantees a period of 4 hours of continuous operation. 

The battery reaches its maximum capacity after a few complete charge/discharge cycles. In the first phases of use it’s therefore normal that the duration is shorter.

Carry out at least 4 charging cycles on the battery, and if the problem persists, contact the customer service.

I connected the JARVIS with the USB cable, but the computer does not recognize it

There are 3 USB doors on the JARVIS, make sure you have inserted the cable into the correct one. Refer to the installation manual.

If the connection problem persists, please contact the support service.

I logged into the application but I don't see my workouts

Check that the device is connected to the Internet.

To synchronize, and then download the workouts you want to perform ( WORKOUTS ) and load the workouts you have performed ( ACTIVITIES ) you need an internet connection.

When the device is connected to the WiFi network created by the smart trainer ( Access Point mode ), it’s automatically excluded from the internet. Then check that the device is connected to a WiFi network with Internet access, or use a mobile data connection.

Using the mobile data connection may cause costs due to data traffic, refer to your data plan or contact your operator.

I did the training and saved it, but I don't see it on my profile page

Check that the device is connected to the Internet. To synchronize, and then download the workouts to be performed ( WORKOUTS ) and upload the workouts performed ( ACTIVITIES ) is necessary to connect your device to the Internet.

When the device is connected to the WiFi network created by JARVIS (Access Point mode), it’s automatically excluded from the Internet. Then check that your device is connected to a WiFi network with Internet access, or that it uses a mobile data connection.

Using the mobile data connection may result in data traffic costs, refer to your data plan or contact your operator.

I did a workout on my tablet, and I saved it. Then I synchronized the list from my phone, but I don't see the workout performed on my profile

The workout you performed is saved inside the device until it’s synchronized, so it must be done from the same device you used during the workout.

I have uploaded some tracks on my profile, from the site I can see them, but not from the App, even if I have already done the synchronization

The routes are visible on the App only if you select the MD Route mode.

From the menu select Training Mode > MD Route, and then return to Workouts to select the track.

Can I connect the MagneticDays to my home WiFi network?

YES, MD platforms support Station Mode connection. You can see the specific video tutorial for more details.

Where I train there isn't an internet connection, can I still use MagneticDays?

YES, you don’t need an internet connection to train. You can download the workouts to be performed when you have an internet connection; the workouts are stored on your device. Similarly, once a workout has been performed and saved, it is stored in the device.

Then, when you have an internet connection and open the MagneticDays MD WiFi App, it automatically synchronizes.

Where I train I don't have a WiFi network. Can I still use MagneticDays?

YES, the MagneticDays, in Access Point mode, creates its own WiFi network, to where you connect your device. Alternatively (only on PC) you can connect the smart trainer directly via USB cable.

I am connected to the MD's WiFi network from the device's settings, but from the app I can't connect.

Try disconnecting the mobile data network. 


MagneticDays supports the standard FE-C communication protocol. You can activate FE-C mode on your MD from the Settings -> ANT+ TX section by selecting FE-C.

Can I use Zwift with MagneticDays smart trainers? What do I need?

YES, Zwift is compatible with the MagneticDays System and can be used in various modes of use. You can find out more by watching the Zwift BLE and Zwift ANT+ tutorial videos, or by reading the manual for more detailed information.

Can I use MagneticDays with TrainerRoards, Rouvy, BigRingVr, or similar platforms?

The MagneticDays System supports the FE-C communication standard.

If the platform you want to use supports the FE-C protocol then it is compatible with MagneticDays. Please refer to the platform website.

I am registered but I can't get into my profile

Check that you have entered the access data you selected correctly during registration, paying attention to any capital letters or symbols. 

I have forgotten my login credentials so I have re-registered, but I don't see my workouts anymore. How can I recover them?

The list of Workouts and general data are linked to the individual account, to access them on your new account contact support, which will help you in the recovery.

When I log in, in the password box, do I have to enter the password of my email account?

NO, in the password field you must enter the password chosen during the registration phase on the MagneticDays website.  If you no longer remember your password, you can request a reset by clicking HERE 

I'm trying to register on the site, but an error tells me that my username contains invalid characters, why?

The username cannot contain spaces or special characters. Verify that the username you have chosen is only composed of alphanumeric characters.

How can I update the MD WiFi App?

The update of our apps depends on which device the app is installed on.

Please refer to the guidelines of the manufacturer of your device or operating system (e.g. App Store or Google Play Store update procedure) to perform the updates or to have more information on the procedures.
In any case, you can manually update the app downloaded and installed on your device, or allow it to be updated automatically.

Updating the app gives you access to the latest features and improves security and stability.

I updated the App to the latest version, and now when I log in an error notifies me that there is no internet connection, even though I checked and my device is connected to the network.

There is a known compatibility problem between the MD WiFi App and Android versions earlier than 5.

If your device has a version of Android pre-5, you need to go back to an earlier version of the MD App. In this case you need to contact support.

How can I update the MD Training software for PC?

Go to the App page of our website to find the latest version of the Software available for download.

If you click the [Download latest version] button, you will start downloading the file with the .exe extension to install the latest version.
After the download is complete, you must close the program (if it’s still open) and start the installation of the latest version by selecting the file you just downloaded and following the instructions.

Under the download button you will also find all the information about system requirements and device compatibility.

I need to update my trainer's firmware, what do I need to do?

Go to the App page of our website to find the latest version of the Software available for download.

The update is done in two steps:

  1. Installation of the MD Update program on your pc. This allows you to update the firmware of the smart trainer, therefore it’s NOT the actual update.
  2. Installation of the firmware update on the trainer connected to the pc via USB cable.

The procedure for the installation and updating of the firmware is available online on the manuals page.

I have installed the firmware update software on my PC, but it says it hasn't been updated, why?

The only software installation on the PC is NOT the actual firmware update of the smart trainer.

After you have installed the software downloaded from the site (MD Update):

  1. Connect the roller to the PC using the USB cable
  2. Start the program
  3. Click on the Update button

At the end of the update you will see the message Updating END

WARNING! Never disconnect the roller from the PC during the update. This locks the procedure, and requires the support of MD service technicians.

After the firmware update the roller is no longer recognized by the PC, why?

Following a failed firmware update (due to problems on the PC or early disconnection of the USB cable) the roller may remain in “update” mode.

In this mode the PC no longer recognizes the roller and also the WiFI bluetooth and ANT+ connections don’t work. In this case it’s necessary to contact the support service.

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