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David Labouchere and his personal experience with MagneticDays smart trainer

  4 June 2019

Training indoor in Dubai? We talked about with David Labouchere, a top age-grouper (55-59) in long course triathlon, who told his personal experience with MagneticDays smart trainer. He came from a background of rugby and running for fitness, and found Ironman racing only when he was 47 years old. David has now been competing for 10 years and while he has a recent two hour Olympic PB, he prefers to race long. He was 10th in age in Ironman World Championship in 2018 and allowing for a 45 second “mechanical” when he lost his chain, he had the fastest bike leg. He is again qualified (for the sixth time) for the IMWC this year and hopes to podium!

Training indoor in Dubai

Now David lives and trains in Dubai where he owns a gym, a coffee shop and a sports therapy centre. But what is the best way to train in Dubai? Average temperatures in the Middle East at this time of the year are in excess of 40°C, so David either rides at night, or indoor on a trainer, or both. He has a JARVIS MagneticDays smart trainer and believes it to be the best bike trainer for him. It is quiet and accurate and he loves the separation of Power (Watt) by Force (Nm) and Acceleration (RPM) as he is looking for every small advantage in the lead up to his race in Kona this year. David also enjoys the variety of scientifically designed workouts available to him and feels that this eliminates any junk km from his 20-28 hours of training each week.

“Some athletes give up triathlon for the summer in Dubai – David said – others become nocturnal but even then they don’t get full value from their training hours as the heat lingers in the desert. The answer is a top bike trainer, but for me there is only one, MagneticDays smart trainer.”

The indoor cycling concept in UAE and MagneticDays experience: 3 questions for David Labouchere

We asked 3 questions to David Labouchere – one of the first triathlete to test MagneticDays smart trainer in Dubai – with the goal to understand the indoor cycling concept in UAE:

  1. What’s your idea of indoor cycling and training indoor for a triathlete? Training indoor concentrates training value into the shortest possible time. And if it’s a quality training, then it becomes an important weapon for an athlete who lives and trains in a place where the climate is one of the main factors that influences every workout.
  2. In your personal opinion, how an indoor training plan with MagneticDays smart trainer can improve the cycling performance? I’m not yet sure, but it feels like the JARVIS is serving up a very specific, personal menu of work designed for me and my physiology, rather than a general solution.
  3. What were your first impressions after trying MagneticDays smart trainer? Wow! All of these data are the key. They are accurate and addictive!

David Labouchere | MagneticDays Smart Trainer

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