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JARVIS Recalibration Service

One of MagneticDays’ core lines is the accuracy of the data, which is why every smart trainer that leaves production is calibrated using a 100 Nm AEP torque transducer, a nationally certified ACCREDIA calibration tool.

The calibration operation is carried out using software that creates the specific mapping of the entire range of gears of the trainer.

Calibration is made by the use of a mapping software that achieves a specific mapping of full range of gears. Calibration system adjusts the position of magnetic brake with the goal of matching the values of the mathematics of system with those readed by the instrument. Throughout the operation, the mathematics is constantly recalculated on the temperature values of the flywheel of the MD, read through an infrared probe.

The value of RPM during the calibration is fixed and it’s shown on the diagram of calibration (gear ratio 53/14). The calibration diagram shows, for each gear, the MD mathematical values, the reading of the AEP torque transducer and the relative absolute differential value. The deviation value of the certificate is calculated on the average of the entire gear spectrum of the System.

A copy of the calibration certificate is inserted into each pack.

Recalibration Service

ricalibratura Jarvis | taratura magneticdays

The initial calibration is the last production step, the trainers, when purchased, are calibrated and provided with a unique certificate (related to the Serial Number of the trainer). As all systems, also MagneticDays products are subject to minimum adjustments after use, for this reason we offer the after-sales revision/calibration service.

Recalibration is NOT mandatory, but it is recommended to recalibrate periodically (annually for standard use).

The service is subject to a fee and is provided by the Company. It includes recalibration, the new calibration certificate and shipping costs (collection and return) to carry out the operation. The average time taken to provide the service is 5/7 working days, considering shipment/return and the technical times of revision and calibration.


  • New Trainer calibration
  • New calibration certificate
  • Shipping costs with original packaging
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