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Bike trainers and the benefits of personalized indoor training

  10 February 2021

Spring arrived well before March 21st this year, although these last few days, winter is still playing up. Now more than ever, it’s necessary to try and optimize our day in the best possible way. We all are more aware of how personalized indoor training is the best solution, sometimes the only solution, to keep fit and give “oxygen” to the mind and body. It is also a good opportunity to focus on “quality”. Thanks to the help of technology, training on bicycle rollers (aka smart or bike trainers) can satisfy a number of needs at all levels, from general well being to perfecting performance. And a useful reminder: rest and nutrition, if managed at best, can be a decisive factor in keeping in shape.

The benefits of indoor training on bike trainers

Among the main healthy benefits of indoor training on smart or bike trainers we have the reduction of stress and the improvement of cardiovascular health. An indoor training session on bike trainers produces a release of endorphins in the brain, natural neurotransmitters produced by the brain and responsible for improving mood, lowering stress levels and boosting the immune response. And we can imagine how this last factor is particularly crucial to keep our immune system efficient. The release of endorphins is something that happens during any form of physical activity, and indoor cycling is no exception. Training on the rollers, in fact, not only stimulates blood flow and the production of new brain cells, but is also a remarkable activity from a cardiac point of view. The alternation between moments of intense effort and lighter ones, allows you to vary the heart frequency and to create new stimuli. If this is true for a classic indoor cycling activity, it is even truer with a personalized training program such as the one developed by MagneticDays’ HTT (High Tech Training) methodology.

Stimuli and benefits of a personalized indoor training

Starting from the assumption that cycling is essential – as 4Bicycle friends often say – a personalized indoor training allows you to create continuous stimuli for mind and body, essential for bettering your physical condition and performance step by step. In fact, there are many factors to consider when we compare indoor training to outdoor training. Even more so when we talk about a targeted training that aims to develop a specific part of the performance (strength, threshold, over threshold etc.) and to achieve the maximum result and well-being. And this is exactly what we are talking about here.

The MD HTT methodology allows you to understand what the athlete’s physical condition is at a specific moment, his/her possibilities, how much you can or cannot push, and which aspect you have to work on. This is why personalized training is not just a “chart” but it is the ability to understand what is best for the athlete in that precise training session, what optimal routine to follow and the recovery time necessary.

Newtons in indoor training on MD JARVIS bike trainer

The distinctive benefit of the MagneticDays indoor training system is to split the Power (Watt) data into its two fundamental components: Strength (Newton) and Cadence ​​(RPM), and to train them specifically, individually or in combination. The same subjects expressing the same power can be completely different in terms of Newton and RPM expressed in pedaling, thus requiring completely different personalized workouts. An example: let’s consider an athlete who, at 90 rpm, produces wattage of 250 Watts (26.5 Newton). With a pedaling pace below 90 rpm, for example 85, it will take 29 Newtons to produce 260 Watts, thus exerting more force. On the contrary, exceeding 90 pedal strokes, for example 100 rpm, it will take 25 Newtons to produce 260 Watts, thus developing greater agility. MagneticDays allows you to always work with a fixed value (Watt or Newton) depending on whether you want to favor power or strength. Each of these steps creates a different stimulus that allows you to face each workout with different but targeted objectives.

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