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MagneticDays Training Philosophy – indoor training has never been so fun

  18 June 2018

This is the last chapter of MagneticDays Training Philosophy that completes a scientific and human path of learning and knowledge that brings the MD Coach to have a real overview of the situation about characteristics and physiological values for each user/athlete who, in the meantime, has established with the MD Coach a true friendship. And there’s always a “bilateral connection”: MD Coach has to understand the needs of the user/athlete (sharing with him fears, dreams and hopes), and user/athlete need to trust with confidence in the hands of the Coach, who represents with his work the real added value to the product.

The best starts now

Knowing the characteristics and physiological values for each user/athlete (Watt, Newton and RPM), the MD Coach will be create new specific workouts with the goal to meth, also thanks to the myriad of possibilities offered by MagneticDays.

Benefits of Indoor Training to the Cardiovascular System

Cadence optimization and the consequent improvement in terms of rhythm, will affect on the Cardiovascular System through the improvement of the oxygen exchanges at lung tissue and pulmonary blood vessels level. This condition represents the only real “fuel” of the human body.

Exciting and fun indoor training.. forever!

Among the many ways to improve Power and Cadence optimization, the Time Trial Newton is the funniest one. The work of MD Coach starts from the last incremental test that has done (Newton test and Offset) by the user/athlete, who will repeat again Newton test inserting in the workout the cadence to be maintained in the various segments. In this case, quality of workout and fun are the same thing, because the user/athlete has the sense of “never give up” in any segment of workout. All the HTT Methodology includes fun workouts but in this case the user/athlete clearly perceives the sensation of riding on a “real-like” route, with a physical and mental effort greater than reality, considering the cadence required to improve own characteristics.

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