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The six Pillars of MagneticDays Training Philosophy

  29 June 2018

During the last months we wanted to tell you about the evolution of a product that is grown during the last first five years, through reproducible results that were tested by all those who have chosen MagneticDays for their physical and mental wellness! As we often like to say, during the times where people drives sports cars, we have offered a plan. And we realize that we are pioneers of a new training philosophy, so we really feel proud and responsible at the same time. Here’s the 6 Pillars of MagneticDays Training Philosophy.

Chapter 1 – it’s all about Physics

Our adventure started five years ago – when we wanted to understand in more depth what was the physical environment in which we could to be able to work with our indoor training system – also thanks to the help of the considerations made in collaboration with a physicist of the University of Pisa (Tuscany). We have determined that we are always in a phiysical condition of FLAT TERRAIN IN THE ABSENCE OF WIND.

Chapter 2 – the evolution of cycling simulator

Considering that we are always in a phiysical condition of FLAT TERRAIN IN THE ABSENCE OF WIND, we have had the intuition to transform this training system into a true “cycling lab” with which improve the physical and mental wellness and cycling performance for each user. There was an evolution of the concept of cycling simulator as it was known until a few years ago, considering that this concept did not improved the quality of training from the physical point of view and having at our disposal all the parameters of the user/athlete that are clear and measurable by a scientific approach.

Chapter 3 – how to increase Bike Power

Having the right data at our disposal (always the same and measurable), the new challenge by MagneticDays was to separate the “Power data” in its two fundamental components: RPM (Revolution Per Minute) and Force (Newton Per Meters), influencing the physical characteristics of the athletes. The same values of Watt can be produced in different ways in terms of RPM and Newton.

Training Philosophy | MagneticDays | Watt | Newton | RPM | indoor training

Chapter 4 – incremental exercise test is the way

The HTT Methodology represent the most scientific built training programs that are currently possible and it starts with the incremental exercise test. Everything is based on a first briefing session with a MD Coach, where the user/client defines own goals. Second step is the start of evaluation of athletic training form and third step is represented by the first 6 built training programs (duration: 60 minutes for each) that are different from each other. The last part of these programs includes additional parameters that allow to create next workouts. Our incremental test protocol (made in collaboration with a few Italian Universities) starts from a value in the amount of 50% of own reference valueMD System improves the Power of 1 Watt per 6 seconds with RPM free. This test ends when the user/athlete has reached maximum effort and therefore cannot proceed further with the test. The last part of workout No 6 is represented by this test that allows to understand the efficacy of the previous workouts and their effects on physiological values of the athlete, giving informations (and new data) to MD Coach in order to write new built (and calibrated) training programs

Chapter 5 – Time Trial Newton test and Offset

Here we go into the heart of MagneticDays Training Philosophy. When the MD Coach realizes how the user/athlete rides, he can plan a CRITICAL POWER TEST. In other words “you are what you can do”. This test is like a time trial race (duration: 30 minutes) that is configurated by MD Coach (through a mileage calculated on the basis of the incremental test data). Duting this time trial race, the user/athlete will have at his disposal the use of one optical remote control (electronic gear) that will allow to work with changes of applied force in terms of 0,5 Newton (10 times more precise than a classic gear), with the goal to give prominence to own ideal physiological conditions for the effort. At the end of the test, the average between Newton and RPM will show who the user/athlete is in that moment.

Chapter 6 – indoor training has never been so fun

The last chapter of MagneticDays Training Philosophy completes a scientific and human path of learning and knowledge that brings the MD Coach to have a real overview of the situation about characteristics and physiological values for each user/athlete who, in the meantime, has established with the MD Coach a true friendship. Knowing the characteristics and physiological values for each user/athlete (Watt, Newton and RPM), the MD Coach will be create new specific workouts with the goal to meth, also thanks to the myriad of possibilities offered by MagneticDays.

Training Philosophy | MagneticDays | Watt | Newton | RPM | indoor training

We hope to have been able to tell you the concepts that represent the pillars of a new approach to training. We will also create a video tutorials soon that will show these concepts.


Thanks so much.


The MagneticDays Team

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