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  • JARVIS MagneticDays

    JARVIS MagneticDays (4)

    JARVIS is the one and only Indoor Training System based on a scientific approach. Made in Tuscany. More than a smart trainer. It represents a high quality and one-of-a-kind product able to "build" specific trainings for all the people in every moment (depending on their needs), accompanying them (step by step) towards the complete physical and mental well-being as well as best cycling performance by high quality trainings.
  • HTT Methodology

    HTT Methodology (6)

    Live in first person a new training philosophy based on the data collection of the user/athlete and the elaboration of efficient and performing work plans. Tailor-made for you. Always.

  • Self Managed Workouts and Routes

    Self Managed Workouts and Routes (6)

    Self managed, self calibrating trainings and cycling routes in .tcx or .gpx format!
  • Accessories

    Accessories (21)

    All the useful accessories for a best use of MagneticDays. Improve your experience and enjoy!

  • MagneticDays rental and ransom service

    MagneticDays rental and ransom service (6)

    MagneticDays is the one and the only sports brand that offers a top rental and ransom service in Italy and CE for all the normal athletes and with disabilities. Join with us and discover all the conditions of a unique service!

  • Merchandising

    Merchandising (16)

    All the MagneticDays brand merchandise, suits, t-shirts and uniforms are made with the highest quality materials.