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  • JARVIS MagneticDays

    JARVIS MagneticDays (5)

    JARVIS is the one and only Indoor Training System based on a scientific approach. Made in Tuscany. More than a smart trainer. It represents a high quality and one-of-a-kind product able to "build" specific trainings for all the people in every moment (depending on their needs), accompanying them (step by step) towards the complete physical and mental well-being as well as best cycling performance by high quality trainings.

    FORZA PURA (1)

    Forza Pura pedal cranksrepresents a real evolution in terms of pedal efficiency and technique, because all the muscle groups are involved in the pedal cycle and specifically trained. With Forza Pura we’ve redesigned the concept and features of the classic pedal cranks with the goal to give you a new and reliable cycling outdoor experience.

  • HTT Methodology

    HTT Methodology (5)

    Live in first person a new training philosophy based on the data collection of the user/athlete and the elaboration of efficient and performing work plans. Tailor-made for you. Always.

  • Self Managed Workouts and Routes

    Self Managed Workouts and Routes (6)

    Self managed, self calibrating trainings and cycling routes in .tcx or .gpx format!


    Add more functions to your MD platform. Discover new plug-ins and software developed by MagneticDays and pick the latest available releases best suited for you!

  • Accessories

    Accessories (15)

    All the useful accessories for a best use of MagneticDays. Improve your experience and enjoy!

  • Original MagneticDays spare parts

    Original MagneticDays spare parts (14)

    Original MagneticDays spare parts: here you can find all the spare parts you might need.



    The new MagneticDays line dedicated to Biomechanics of cycling.

  • MagneticDays rental and ransom service

    MagneticDays rental and ransom service (9)

    MagneticDays is the one and the only sports brand that offers a top rental and ransom service in Italy and CE for all the normal athletes and with disabilities. Join with us and discover all the conditions of a unique service!

  • Merchandising

    Merchandising (16)

    All the MagneticDays brand merchandise, suits, t-shirts and uniforms are made with the highest quality materials.