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JARVIS: the “magnetic” smart trainer like a superhero!

  21 March 2018

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When our adventure started 5 years ago (the mission was to create the first indoor training system based on a scientific approach where theory and practice could “talk together” to give the users an amazing experience), we were inspired by Iron Man, the legendary Marvel hero (performed by Robert Downey Jr. fill in Tony Stark’s shoes), controlled from an artificial intelligence named Jarvis, like Edwin Jarvis, the loyal household butler of the Stark family.

Put the fantasy genre aside for a moment and focus on the reality, the world of “iron men” has always fascinated us, in the sport field escpecially. “Iron men” means IRONMAN and triathlon, the first sport where we have made known the 4 essential ingredients of our innovative indoor cycling system with a scientific approach: technology, craftsmanship made in Tuscany, precision mechanics and research of the best raw materials, with the goal to create a high quality and one-of-a-kind product able to “build” specific trainings for all the people in every moment (depending on their needs), accompanying them (step by step) towards the complete physical and mental well-being. And you can feel this same condition at the end of our trainings of HTT methodology, a mix of healthy and gratifying effort, satisfaction and a hint of happyness.. because the endorphins must be trained! 😉

Furthermore, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg completed his 2016 goal to create a simple artificial intelligence program to manage his household. Named after the Stark family’s faithful servant, Jarvis is the center of Zuckerberg’s smart home, and can respond to voice and text commands to dim the lights, play music or turn on the toaster. That’s not shabby for someone who has a full-time job running the biggest social media company in the world. Why this correlation with Facebook? Because we believe in the digital communication and “right” use of social media! 😉

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