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MagneticDays began as a training platform, but it has become a multi-purpose Scientific Instrument. The quality of the mechanical part, with its perfect brake consistency, the absolute silence and extremely compact size, both in space and in weight, make it extremely popular with the many fans that already use it.

But the most important significance is as a scientific instrument.

To guarantee the performance data that MagneticDays is able to show for each of the adjustable brakes, each brake installed is tested and calibrated with a Scientific SRM, especially made to verify that tolerance remains within 1%, that is identical to the one guaranteed by the SRM.

MagneticDays is the new training philosophy: precise, stable, quiet, allowing a complete and customized workout.



Thanks to the MagneticDays Training Cloud athletes communicate directly with their coach through the technological platform where the workout charts can be viewed and the training session’s data is stored.

MagneticDays, with its modular philosophy, becomes increasingly unique, the basic equipment for all specific technical gym machinery, first of all the RotoBike.

With the purchase of this instrument, you are not just getting a simple “spinner” for rainy days, but a “comprehensive training system ” that allows you not only to have the best possible tool for every situation in both winter and summer, but also to really improve, with tangible results from the first months.

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