Metodologia Magneticdays

With Magnetic Days
a new frontier in indoor training
is opened

With its precision and the ability to exchange data by remote, you can do extremely personalized workouts, written by your coach and managed automatically by the system.
Through these pages, you can choose your coach and exchange the data with him that will enable you to optimize your preparation.

The methodology Magnetic Days:
much more than a simple spinner

With the innovative technical possibilities of MagneticDays we were able to tune up a training methodology, thanks to which you can get significant improvements in performance in a short time.
The philosophy is based on a scientific approach to training.
The first step is always an incremental free pedalling test that allows you to determine the characteristics of the person being analysed.


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New release 2.2.6 (Joule test) of App MD WiFi is available now

25 July 2018 | The new release 2.2.6 of App MD WiFi is already available for iOS and Android. It includes 2 innovations:  CYCLING EFFICIENCY (visible on user [...]

The six Pillars of MagneticDays Training Philosophy

2 July 2018 | As we often like to say, during the times where people drives sports cars, we have offered a plan. And we realize that we are pioneers of a new [...]

MagneticDays at Sports Expo Hong Kong 2018, August 17-19

2 July 2018 | Proud to announce the participation of MagneticDays at Sports Expo Hong Kong! During the three days of Expo, you will meet our Coach Kate [...]

The ITA Tri National Team U23 Coach Andrea Gabba is a New MD Coach

2 July 2018 | The currently Coach of Italian Triathlon National Team Under 23 Andrea Gabba has officially been confirmed to be a part of the MagneticDays Coach [...]

Cycling “All the top climbs of the world” narrated by Riccardo Barlaam

27 June 2018 | MagneticDays gives you the chance to live and cycle All the top climbs of the world, the most epic cycling routes narrated by Riccardo Barlaam of [...]

Indoor training has never been so fun!

27 June 2018 | Improve Power, Strenght and Cadence optimization are the things at the base of our Training Philosophy. Here how the indoor training by [...]

MagneticDays server maintenance

12 June 2018 | We inform our customers and users that the ordinary maintenance of our server is planned for the day after tomorrow (2018, June 14) from 9 to 12 [...]


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Joule incremental test by MagneticDays: the new Conconi!

Joule incremental test by MagneticDays represents a new version of Conconi test, that intended to measure an individual’s maximum anaerobic and aerobic threshold heart rates. The test measures a person’s heart rates at different loads (e.g. [...]
Giacomo Petruccelli, 25 July 2018
promo estiva MagneticDays

The six Pillars of MagneticDays Training Philosophy

During the last months we wanted to tell you about the evolution of a product that is grown during the last first five years, through reproducible results that were tested by all those who have chosen MagneticDays for their physical and mental wellness! [...]
Giacomo Petruccelli, 29 June 2018