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App MD WiFi 2.9.0 release is out!

23 January 2020 | A few days ago we released the App MD WiFi release 2.9.0, introducing two new amazing functions that allow your training with MagneticDays always [...]

MagneticDays decreases the duration of HTT workouts from 4 to 2 months

21 January 2020 | With the release 2.7.0 of MD WiFi App (2019 September), we introduced the possibility to enable and manage the calibration of HTT workouts. This [...]

New functions available with the release 2.8.0 of App MD WiFi

5 December 2019 | A few days ago we released la release 2.8.0 della App MD WiFi, introducing one of the last news like the MagneticDays metronome function. Are you [...]

MagneticDays AUTOTESTS are available now!

7 November 2019 | From October 2019, we have uploaded 7 MagneticDays AUTOTESTS (incremental exercise test made without the supervision of a Coach) in each personal [...]

How to improve sprint and endurance capacity in Inline Speed Skating by cycling training

15 October 2019 | Inline Speed Skating is a very popular sport in Hong Kong area and the cycling training is one of the best way to improve the performance. [...]


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Allenamento Rulli | David Labouchere 2

David Labouchere and his personal experience with MagneticDays smart trainer

Training indoor in Dubai? We talked about with David Labouchere, a top age-grouper (55-59) in long course triathlon, who told his personal experience with MagneticDays smart trainer. He came from a background of rugby and running for fitness, and found [...]
4 June 2019
Progetto Bio MagneticDays | Progetto MagneticDays

The Bio-MagneticDays Research Project starts! First stage: Rome!

Two months have passed since the victory of POR CREO 2014-2020 by Tuscany Region, the Regional Operational Programme (ROP) by the European Regional Development Fund where MagneticDays has been selected with its biomedical project named Bio [...]
14 January 2019
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