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Introducing the new management procedure for Heart Rate Control (release 2.5.0 of MD WiFi App)

11 April 2019 | A few months ago we introduced the possibility to disable the warning notification option from App MD WiFi directly. With the new release 2.5.0 [...]

Price increase of JARVIS MagneticDays from 2019, March 1!

28 February 2019 | With the coming of new road and mtb bycicle frames with thru-axle, MagneticDays meets this additional need that, however, must necessarily [...]

The Indoor Bike by MagneticDays just landed in Thailand!

26 February 2019 | The MagneticDays Indoor Bike is one of the main accessory products designed for the JARVIS MagneticDays indoor training system. Used in place of [...]

MagneticDays is the new IT’S TUSCANY Ambassador, a territorial marketing international project

11 February 2019 | We are proud to announce that MagneticDays is the new It’s Tuscany Ambassador. It’s Tuscany is a territorial marketing international [...]

Time payment by Credit Card (without interest) is available for purchase worldwide!

5 February 2019 | MagneticDays offers the chance to purchase worldwide JARVIS scientific smart trainer, under time payment by Credit Card (without interest)! [...]


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Progetto Bio MagneticDays | Progetto MagneticDays

The Bio-MagneticDays Research Project starts! First stage: Rome!

Two months have passed since the victory of POR CREO 2014-2020 by Tuscany Region, the Regional Operational Programme (ROP) by the European Regional Development Fund where MagneticDays has been selected with its biomedical project named Bio [...]
14 January 2019
Biomedical Research Project

MagneticDays wins a biomedical research project financed by Tuscany Region

Contribute to the implementation of European Union strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, promoting economic, social and territorial cohesion, is the mission of POR CREO 2014-2020 by Tuscany Region, the Regional Operational Programme (ROP) [...]
27 September 2018
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