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tasti ottici di controllo remoto | tasti ottici | optical remote control | MagneticDays

In: Accessories

Optical remote control


Optical keys for remote control of MagneticDays hardware.

Using these keys (right or left) you can adjust +/- workloads during the training session, connecting them via USB cable directly to the hardwere. In the case where the use is made for control the virtual gear, during the execution of the cycling routes, the keys control the rear cassette sprocket integrating the functions of the +/- right keys in the App (in this case the change of front chainrings is controlled exclusively through the App).

Optical sensor control, with mini USB cable.

Size: 50×37 mm

Mini USB Cable (lenght) : 3 m

Optical remote control User Manual

One structure with double optical sensor, with mini USB cable connection

O-Ring for locking