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JARVIS rental service is one of the added values of MagneticDays. Our goal has always been to give everyone the great opportunity to try JARVIS scientific smart trainer with the best economic conditions. For this reason, we have activate the rental service (already available for 3 or 6 months in Italy) for Europe also, under the same Italian conditions:

  1. Minimum period of 3 months at a cost of € 450.00 including taxes or 6 months at a cost of € 700.00 including taxes
  2. The prices also include shipping costs and a package of 12 training sessions of our HTT methodology (only for the first rental) with a commercial value of € 150.00
  3. In case of redemption at the end of the rental period, € 300,00 (3 months rental) or € 600,00 (6 months rental) will be deducted from the list price of JARVIS

All Pro and amateurs athletes who live in Europe and wish to train in a professional way, will be able to take advantage of a unique chance in the national and international indoor training landscape.

Jarvis Rental Service | Europe

Technology, innovation and research are the key factors at the base of MagneticDays Training Philosophy, which have changed the concept of indoor training system into a true “cycling lab” with which improve the physical and mental wellness and cycling performance. This new approach (combined with the goal to improve constantly the JARVIS system and its quality), has accompanied the birth of a new protocol of incremental exercise test developed by our team: the MagneticDays Multitest.

MagneticDays Multitest: what is it?

The MagneticDays Multitest represents the last news in terms of incremental test developed by MagneticDays. It involves:

1 incremental test 1:1 (1 watt for 1 second) | medium speed

2 incremental tests 8:1 (8 watt for 1 second; the same test is repeated twice for evaluate the best result) | high speed

1 incremental test 1:8 (1 watt for 8 seconds) | very slow speed

The value that we consider for a good evaluation of MagneticDays Multitest is the last value of Watt reached in the last step completed for each test. After these tests have been performed, the respective values must be represented by a graph to obtain a hyperbola. The next step is to calculate the ratio between high speed test (8:1) and very slow speed test (1:8), and between high speed test (8:1) and medium speed test (1:1).

MagneticDays Multitest

The higher this ratio the greater the tendency to speed of the athlete. On the contrary, the lower this ratio the greater the tendency to endurance of the athlete. The MagneticDays Multitest has the goal to analyze some specific features of the athlete like speed and endurance and it will be inserted in the HTT training planning by the Coach MD.

Multitest MagneticDays 2

A few months ago we introduced the possibility to disable the warning notification option from App MD WiFi directly. With the new release 2.5.0 of App MD WiFi – online from 2019, April 15th – we will introduce a new management procedure of heart rate control that will can be done from own personal account on the MagneticDays website EXCLUSIVELY, whereas you will view the summary of settings only from the MD WiFi App. In fact, the reason is very simple: if the App MD WiFi has been installed on more than one device, the heart rate control option can be disabled and/or edited as needed connecting directly to the MD server and making the synchronization procedure via internet (data or WiFi). In this way each user is 100% certain that all the changes applied are synchronized on all devices where the MD App has been installed. It’s important to remember that after installing the release 2.5.0 of MD WiFi App all users will have the warning notification option setted by default (120 bpm), then they will have to repeat the procedure for disable and/or modify the heart rate control option. So let’s look at the two possibilities.

Relase 2.5.0 MD WiFi App | How to disable the Heart Rate Control

Here’s the directions to disable the heart rate control option:

Sign in to your personal account on www.magneticdays.com

Click on the Menu Settings, then click on Options

Disable the button of heart rate control, then click on Save

Sign in to MD WiFi App with your user and pwd

Make the synchronization procedure via internet (data or WiFi) and wait for the message SYNC SUCCESS (green color) *

The message SYNC FAILED (red color) appears in case of error (no internet connection)

Relase 2.5.0 MD WiFi App | How to modify the Heart Rate Control

Here’s the directions to set your desired value of threshold heart rate in Stop or Recalculate Workout mode:

Sign in to your personal account on www.magneticdays.com

Click on the Menu Settings, then click on Options

The value of heart rate is setted by default (120 bpm) in Stop Workout mode

Set the desired value of threshold heart rate and workout mode according to your needs, considering that:

Click on Save

Sign in to MD WiFi App with your user and pwd

Make the synchronization procedure via internet (data or WiFi) and wait for the message SYNC SUCCESS (green color) *

The message SYNC FAILED (red color) appears in case of error (no internet connection)


* The synchronization procedure with smartphone or tablet MUST BE DONE via internet (data or WiFi)

** In all types of MD TESTS (incremental exercise test, Joule incremental test, Time Trial Newton test) the workout is stopped in any case and brake is opened. Furthermore, in all types of Training Mode other than MD Training mode (MD WiFi App), the workout is stopped in any case and brake is opened

With the coming of new road and mtb bycicle frames with thru-axle, MagneticDays meets this additional need that, however, must necessarily justify a slight price increase. From 2019, March 1st, the price of JARVIS will increase from € 1900 to € 1990. The new MD Kit for ROAD BIKE and MTB bycicle frames with thru-axle will be inclused in the package and 12 workouts of HTT Methodology are included in the purchase price as always.

New MD Kit are already available in the accessories section of our website, for all of those who have already purchased JARVIS also and are thinking about buying a new bycicle frame with thru-axle.

Prezzo MagneticDays

The MagneticDays Indoor Bike is one of the main accessory products designed for the JARVIS MagneticDays indoor training system. Used in place of the bike frame, it allows precise adjustment of the position, in terms of height and advancement, of the saddle and handlebar. Easily applicable to JARVIS, it creates the perfect workstation for indoor training sessions. It can be easily moved thanks to the integrated front wheels, and through the removable front leg you can reduce the overall size when it’s not used.

The MagneticDays Indoor Bike is available now at JJ PRO Cycling Centre, one of the best in Thailand for Coaching, Bike Fitting, Aerodynamics, Lactate Tests & Cycling Consultancy by Professional “Coach JJ” with 35 years experience: Not only are we fully booked but our first shipment of MagneticDays have arrived from Italy – Coach John Julius Bennett said – and this indoor bike is the most realistic and accurate road feel trainer there is. We now have MagneticDays Indoor Bike so you can come and test MD trainer and be fitted for your new bike, test various aerobar brands to work out which one suits your body to optimise aerodynamics. Test different saddles and even workout on it. Probably the best quality built indoor bike there is. A huge thank you to Marco Sbragi and Kate Rutherford for supporting JJ Pro Performance!”

MagneticDays Indoor Bike


We are proud to announce that MagneticDays is the new It’s Tuscany Ambassador. It’s Tuscany is a territorial marketing international project born of the idea to combine the history and traditions of an historical land like Tuscany. The artisanal knowledge, love for Tuscany, food and wine traditions, uniqueness of each single Tuscan land, technology and innovation, are intelligently mixed on It’s Tuscany website.. all just a click away!

MagneticDays is one of the Tuscan excellences that we are proud and happy to host on our international platform – It’s Tuscany said – thanks to its innovation and technology Made in Tuscany also.”

“IT’S TUSCANY is a top partner to take advantage of our territorialy! – the MD CEO Marco Sbragi said.

MagneticDays offers the chance to purchase worldwide JARVIS scientific smart trainer, under time payment by Credit Card (without interest)! The mandatory condition is to buy 1 training pack of HTT methodology that varies according to the length of the payment.

Time Payment By Credit Card

Time payment by Credit Card | Terms and Conditions


Time payment by Credit Card | Online wizard

The procedure for accessing to time (without interest) payment by Credit Card is entirely online through XPay platform by Nexi®. It allows to pay by Credit/Debit Card of the most important international networks, established by convention or PayPal.

What does the customer do? Client must respond to the email sending the authorization form (item 1) complited and signed in its entirety.


What does the customer do? Client must select his own favorite payment method (international networks established by convention or PayPal), concluding the online procedure with the advance payment as indicated on the invoice (item 2, STEP 1).

This procedure allows the automatic payment on Credit Card.


Time payment by Credit Card | Accepted Payment Methods

Knowledge, innovation and technology are the key factors of MagneticDays smart trainer with the goal to build a culture of continuous improvement in a field like training indoor for cycling, triathlon and mountain bike.

The MagneticDays Training Philosophy has changed the concept of cycling simulator into a true “cycling lab” where is possible to work entirely on the body of each athlete, having at our disposal all his reference parameters that are clear and measurable by a scientific approach to training.

Our HTT Methodology represent the most scientific built training programs that are currently possible (from physical and mental wellness to biomedical research), and each workout is totally customed for each athlete, exciting and fun at the same time. Yes, because the indoor training has never been so fun with MagneticDays. Each HTT workout is characterized by continuous changes in rhythm and resistance (from 60 to 80 on average), working with parameters like Watt, Newton, RPM, progression/regression, Auto Watt, Auto Newton, Ideal Rhythms, Joule progression, Offset and more. Every workout is never the same to others (because it are customed for each athlete in every moment) and every test is never a simple test but a real workout. Scientific approach to training and fun are mixed in MagneticDays, with the goal to give the best training experience and top product to all of users, from all points of view.

MagneticDays smart trainer | Enjoy the training

What’s better than being able to train and have fun at the same time? Currently, MagneticDays offers two “playful possibilities” among its 10 ways to use:



Zwift is a massively multiplayer online cycling and running game and training program that enables users to interact, train and compete in a virtual world. With the new release 2.1.1 of MD WiFi App, MagneticDays has become the first Indoor Training System able to mix a high quality workout with fun. JARVIS System already communicate directly with Zwift, but currently the connection is in a new way if Track Resistance mode is on. The best condition is to use Zwift with PC (JARVIS have the ANT+ aerial for PC as standard equipment) and the MD WiFi App installed on tablet or smartphone. In this way, is possible to control the personal avatar by the Virtual Gear of MD WiFi App (+/- buttons or optical remote control). Furthermore, MagneticDays has made available on its YouTube official channel two video tutorials focused on the use of MD paired with Zwift, ANT+ mode and BLE mode, that is equal to ANT+ mode. The only difference is in the typology of connection with MagneticDays (via Bluetooth for Zwift BLE mode). Zwift is opened on your device (iPad/iPhone). Zwift BLE mode needs of 2 devices, one for MagneticDays WiFi App (iOS or Android) and one for Zwift App (iOS).

MagneticDays smart trainer


JARVIS indoor training system offers the great possibility to ride the most famous cycle routes in the world (or your personal cycle routes) as .tcx or .gpx file imported on own personal profile on www.magneticdays.com. Furthermore, is possible to ride routes as .FIT extension imported from Strava, TrainingPeaks or similar platforms. On the contrary, is also possible to export a workout as .FIT extension and upload it on platforms like StravaTrainingPeaks or similar. For example, you can ride some of the best fascinating climbs like Alpe d’HuezCol du Galibier (La Marmotte)Madonna di SenalesMonte Jafferau (Bardonecchia)MortiroloMottarone Stelvio, described by the journalist Riccardo Barlaam of Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper in his book “Tutte le salite del mondo” (All the top climbs of the world). These routes are available in our website (section named Self Managed Workouts and Routes) where are already available a few cycle Hong Kong routes also (free download).

Technology and innovation are the ingredients for the best winning trick of MagneticDays, with the goal to give always the top services to all of who want try a new way to cycling indoor for fun, fitness and performance.

MagneticDays smart trainer

Our customer support is one of the most appreciated services. From January 2019, a new MagneticDays Help Center will available. This new service will be totally online, with a direct access at the reference page from the menu of MD website, where you will can find all the best answers to your questions: FAQs continually updated, guidelines and video tutorial. And last but not the least, we will activate the HELP CALL (paid service), a new priority assistance request.

The new MD Help Centre will be online very soon, and we will inform you through our newsletter, website and official social media channels.

MagneticDays Help Center

MagneticDays continues to improve its quality and online services, giving to all users and clients the chance to writing a workout by the personal account on MagneticDays website, where is possible to access to the function named Training Composer.

“We decided to give everyone the chance to write their own workout by accessing directly from the personal account – MD company said in a note – because our users and clients are not always able to have their PC (with the MD software installed) at your fingertips. In addition, we continue to work on the fluency and navigation of the MD website, with the goal to improve our services that are mainly supplied online.”

The control panel is already available in basic mode, but it can be implemented gradually in its functions by purchasing of different types of plugins available on MD shop from half of January 2019.

Writing Workout MagneticDaysWriting Workout MagneticDays

Bangkok Bank CycleFest set out to be a cycling and lifestyle event that celebrates the joy of mobility on two wheels in Pattaya, Thailand. Held over two days, a variety of rides and races are available, distances ranging from 30 km to 60 km. The variety included individual timed rides, a 90-minute fun ride and a team time trial. The course is 15.5km over scenic, closed and good quality roads around the amazing Golf Club Siam Country Club offering a unique riding experience for cyclists of all ages and experience levels. Over both days, there will be a festival village which includes lots of family entertainment.

Meet us and try our scientific smart trainer at JJ Pro Cycling Centre Booth (within Expo Area), one of the best in Thailand for Coaching, Bike Fitting, Aerodynamics, Lactate Tests & Cycling Consultancy by Professional “Coach JJ” with 35 years experience. All of visitors and athletes will can try JARVIS, the first indoor training system based on a scientific approach. See you in Pattaya! 😉

Bangkok Bank CycleFest


We are ready to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Laguna Phuket Triathlon, Asia’s longest running triathlon. The event will be held on the 18th of November 2018 at Laguna Phuket, Asia’s premier destination resort. Laguna Phuket Triathlon, also know as The race of legend, is a carnival of multisport fun and tri-related activities for you to enjoy at Laguna Phuket. The event will feature the best international pro triathletes. Amateur age groupers will have a chance to measure themselves with the best in the world or simply try to achieve their own personal goals.

The race will comprise of a unique 1.8km swim in two different bodies of water, a 1.3km sea swim immediately followed by a 0.5km swim in one of Laguna Phuket’s freshwater lagoons. A new and improved 50km bike course will take athletes on a scenic and challenging tour of northern Phuket with the famous Naithorn Hills as the ultimate challenge. The 12km run is a two lap course around the Laguna Phuket resort complex. This race distance is open for individual triathletes and relay teams of three.

Meet us and try our scientific smart trainer at JJ Pro Cycling Centre Booth (within Expo Area), one of the best in Thailand for Coaching, Bike Fitting, Aerodynamics, Lactate Tests & Cycling Consultancy by Professional “Coach JJ” with 35 years experience. All of visitors and athlete will can try JARVIS, the first indoor training system based on a scientific approach. See you there! 😉

Laguna Phuket Triathlon