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The analysis of anthropometric data and the viodeoanalysis for BioFit are the latest new features available with the 3.0.1 release of the MD Biomechanic (ex MD Caliper) App from MagneticDays, online now for iOS and Android.
This new update introduces major new features for the cyclist’s biomechanical analysis, the choice of the correct frame, and the setting of the bike based on the rider’s measurements.

Release 3.0.1 includes the following updates:

The new JARVIS firmware 04.00.C/D41 is available on App section of our website. It introduces two important news for the indoor training virtual platforms supported by the MagneticDays smart trainers (Zwift, BKool, Rouvy AR and FulGaz).

This new firmware guarantees no more Watts dispersion and top reactivity both in the sprint phase and in “supertuck“, the very aero tuck involves sitting on the top tube and lowering your shoulders/chest onto the bars (or close to it) by bending your arms as far as they will go while holding onto the drops. Obviously in indoor and complete safety. 😉

JARVIS Firmware 04.00.C/D41 | Supertuck Zwift

Credit: zwiftinsider.com

The new indoor cycling workouts for gravel, cyclocross and cycle tourism are available from today on the MagneticDays online shop. These training packs are developed by the MagneticDays Coaches with the goal to improve the athletic form for a gravel bike trip and gravel and cyclocross races. Here’s the details:

Indoor Cycling Workouts For Gravel, Cyclocross and Cycle Tourism


From 2023 January 1st, MagneticDays has introduced the new price adjustments for some of products in the online shop. In particular:

MagneticDays 2023 Price Adjustments

From today (saturday 17th of december) the MagneticDays Christmas Special Gift 2022 is available for all MD clients. The 7 AUTOTESTS present by default in each MD personal account will also include the Heart Rate Variability analysis, one of our latest techincal innovations available with the 3.2.0 release of the MagneticDays App. The HR Variability analysis introduces the reading of another useful parameter for both the athlete and the coach. Through the heart rate, in fact, we can understand how much the training has weighed with respect to the external load (Watts expressed).

MagneticDays Christmas Special Gift 2022

Adding the heart rate variability analysis in indoor training with JARVIS smart trainer MagneticDays – explains MD Coach Luca Bianchiniallows you to have an additional evaluation tool on monitoring training and on controlling the athlete’s recovery. The post-training analysis allows you to identify other parameters such as respiratory frequency and / or quantification of the internal load“.

“As always – explains the MD CEO Marco Sbragi we want to give a special technical gift to our customers, in line with the MagneticDays training philosophy. This year’s gift is so special, because the heart rate variability analysis function is included by default for all HTT workouts. But it’s only valid once. In all other cases (repetition of the same HTT workout, self-managed or self-calibrating workout, own workout or workout received from other Coaches), it’s available after purchasing a specific package of 20 analyzes from the online shop for €25. That’s why we decided to give the possibility to try the heart rate variability analysis until the end of April 2023. Our customers always deserve the best”.


The MagneticDays training plan software “Coaching Cube” was the subject of a seminar hosted by the University of Palermo. The workshop, entitled “Data analysis and interactive coaching tool: the Coaching Cube”, was presented to the students of the Master’s degree courses in “Sports sciences and techniques” and “Sciences of preventive and adapted motor activities”, who have had the opportunity to get to know all the nuances of the software, from the interactive coaching to scientifically train athletes to practical implications.


MagneticDays Training Plan Software

The new JARVIS firmware 04.00.C/D38 is available on App section of our website. It improves a long term stability of Bluetooth connection for the indoor training virtual platforms supported by the MagneticDays indoor training system (Zwift, BKool, Rouvy AR and FulGaz). Directions are following.

After the first partnership in 2018 as official MD center, Aquagranda Livigno strengthens its activity for the indoor cycling training with MagneticDays and the precious collaboration of Alessandro Vanotti, the Italian former Professional Cyclist winner of 9 Giro d’Italia, 5 Tour de France, 5 Vuelta de Espana, 1 World Championship, and MD Coach from 2020.

The new agreement comes just a few months after the signing of a protocol between CONI and the APT Livigno which transformed the famous Sports Center in the province of Sondrio into an Olympic Training Centre (with CONI affiliation) at the service of Italian and international athletes.

Thanks to its climatic and environmental uniqueness, Livigno confirms itself as a European reference point for altitude training, with an increasingly important list of athletes and federations choosing it to finalize their preparation. Excellence also certified by the recent investiture by CONI, which has made the location an Olympic Training Center.

Carlo Mornati, CONI Secretary General and Head of the Sports Office, recently commented: “Altitude training is a theme we have been pursuing for some time. We started in 2013 and with the Olympic Training Center in Livigno we have reached the goal. Livigno is a unique Center in the world that can include all sport disciplines, and its climatic variety are decisive: every detail makes the difference”.

Indoor Cycling Training | Aquagranda Livigno 1

Credit: https://www.chaletlivigno.it/


A MagneticDays fully equipped room inside the Aquagranda Sports Center

The agreement between Aquagranda and MagneticDays provides for a fully equipped MagneticDays room which includes 7 MD workstations made of MD INDOOR BIKE, JARVIS smart trainers and FORZA PURA independent bike cranks (also in the REHAB version), which will be used by many elite athletes to train with calibrated work programs using the Multisession developed by MD engineers. In fact, this type of protocol allows JARVIS bike trainers to be connected via a local network (intranet) and used both in a single station and in group training, with loads suitable for each individual athlete.

Indoor Cycling Training | Aquagranda Livigno 2

Furthermore, it will also be possible to use JARVIS in simulation mode by importing any route cycled outdoors, a plus that will allow to train on specific routes but also to carry out collective races that can will be viewed on a large-screen television. All activities will be managed by qualified personnel with official MagneticDays training. The point of reference for these activities will be Alessandro Vanotti, who will attend specific initiatives such as training camps or training sessions. Finally, among the many possibilities for training, there are also those dedicated to long-distance races such as Ironman, ICON and Granfondo.

“We are extremely satisfied with the agreement with the Livigno Olympic Training Centerthe CEO MD Marco Sbragi said – because this partnership (also thanks to the fundamental role of Alessandro Vanotti) will allow us to make known our training philosophy to the many Italian athletes and international players who choose the altitude training and Aquagranda to improve their performance. Furthermore, it will be a great opportunity to demonstrate once again the versatility of an instrument such as the JARVIS smart trainer and its infinite possibilities”.

“Altitude training is one of the best activities to increase the sporting performance of professional and non-professional athletes – commented Luca Moretti, President of APT Livigno – and here each athlete can reach an altitude between 1,800 and 2,800 meters depending on the type of sport. In this context, the partnership with MagneticDays represents the icing on the cake for Livigno and the Aquagranda Sports Center, which in this way will be able to offer the best support also for indoor cycling training.

Indoor Cycling Training | Aquagranda Livigno 3

The virtual cycling platform (ANT + and BLE protocols) is one of the latest updates available with the 3.2.6 release of the MagneticDays APP (online for iOS and Android from today). It introduces a new screen during the workout on Zwift or similar virtual cycling platforms (no routes mode) with the chance to display the following data:

Virtual Cycling Platform MagneticDays 1

In addition, the release 3.2.6 of MagneticDays APP also includes the following 4 updates:

Virtual Cycling Platform MagneticDays 2

With the advancement of technology and in order to meet the numerous needs of our coaches, MagneticDays has added a fundamental piece to its mosaic and expand the horizons of training plans. From the concept of the Cyber Test Software, the now famous program created by MD engineers and coaches for writing customized HTT workouts, MagneticDays takes an important step forward with the creation of Coaching Cube Software, the new platform completely online and usable from PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone. How to use it? It’s simple: all you need is an Internet connection. Coaching Cube represents a huge step forward from many points of view. You can already understand it from the name, “CUBE”, a way of training in three directions: Outdoor, Indoor and MagneticDays Philosophy.

Coaching Cube Software, FEATURES & ADVANTAGES

Coaching Cube is the unique software designed on the needs of coaches, to scientifically train both indoor and outdoor athletes. Among the main features and advantages we mention:

. it works on the MD site, therefore compatible with all browsers and on any operating system;
. possibility to be used from a PC, Mac, tablet or a smartphone;
. constant and immediate updates;
. simultaneous use with two different accesses;
. unlimited number of users to manage;
. possibility of writing indoor workouts (.FIT) to be performed on any smart trainer;
. use of all indoor work management options with JARVIS smart trainer;
. management of 8 types of tests for indoor and outdoor* with detailed and customizable analyzes and reports for each test;
. comparative analysis of values obtained from multiple tests for an accurate evaluation of the athlete;
. possibility of writing an outdoor workout for different disciplines and sending files on various platforms (ex: Garmin Connect);
. receiving feedback of the workouts performed with subsequent analysis and reports;
. writing training plans;
. possibility of using the KUBIOS analysis on cardiac variability in dynamics to obtain information on recovery.

* (Incremental Power Test, Power Cadence Test, Wingate Test, Lamberts Test, FTP Test, Joule Test, Mader Test for Indoor cycling + Outdoor swim and run)

Among the innovations of the online Coaching Cube Software, you have the possibility to write an outdoor workout for cycling, triathlon and combined, swimming, gym and much more. An option that makes Coaching Cube software more powerful than the most popular ones on the market. But there is more: every outdoor workout can be customized just like the indoor ones by entering the values of each individual user / athlete. There are many practical possibilities for coaches in terms of data, training management and compatibility: from creating a monthly planning to providing a .pdf with selected workouts, to being able to preview  the intensity of each workout and pre-determine the workloads of each user / athlete. In short, it is all the experience of the MD coaches at the service of those trainers who want to offer both an indoor and outdoor service, tailored to the most varied needs.

Coaching Cube, INFO & COSTS

The Coaching Cube online Software is managed only by subscription for € 39 per month including VAT and is totally free for athletes.

For the coaches there are no additional costs, just create a free account on the MagneticDays website to take advantage of the cloud data exchange system and have everything in a single space, simplifying management and reducing writing times and communication with the user. Furthermore (it’s not a small thing), the subscription can also be activated only in the periods of acutal  use (eg: 1 month, 2 months, etc.) and has no limits in the number of athletes to be managed, because they are assigned at the time of registration after entering the Coach code.

The company (upon reservation by mail or telephone) is available via ZOOM every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3pm for detailed information about the platform. For the use of the software, online courses will be available that can be purchased in the MagneticDays website shop.

MagneticDays is happy to present 3 new accessories for indoor cycling training with JARVIS available now on MD shop: the Floating Trainer Platform for JARVIS, Bottle Holder / Towel Holder and the amazing Desk Indoor Training. What are the peculiarities? Let’s see them together.

The floating trainer platform for JARVISrealized to host JARVIS smart trainer and ROLL BAR – guarantees greater comfort both when seated and, above all, when not seated, making training with MagneticDays less traumatic and more realistic. Thanks to the mobility of the bike, you will be able to activate all your core muscles to keep it in balance and improve the transfer of power on the pedals.

And let’s not forget comfort, one of the most important factors during an indoor cycling session. So, the TABLE PLUS MagneticDays bottle and towel holder desk complete and make your indoor training station more comfortable. Their three round compartments have been designed to accommodate the recovery meal bottle and shaker. The longitudinal cut, on the other hand, is for the towel during training so you can always have it at hand-

And then, a multifunctional station designed for your indoor sessions, one desk, many functions: with the MagneticDays Indoor Training Desk, you can train comfortably and keep all the accessories you need for your indoor cycling experience close at hand on the non-slip surface. Thanks to the adjustable top equipped with cable holes, you will always be able to check your training on your PC or tablet.

“The MagneticDays offer is constantly evolving – the MD CEO Marco Sbragi said – so, we can’t fail to satisfy even the less scientific but more experiential part of indoor training. These last three accessories are just some of the news coming to our e-commerce”.

Accessories For Indoor Cycling Training

The MagneticDays family welcomes two new products, similar in aesthetics but different in functionality. The FORZA PURA EASY and FORZA PURA REHAB independent bike cranks were born in the mechanical laboratories in Tuscany, in collaboration with the endurance champion Nico Valsesia. These two independent cranks, together with the FORZA PURA classic model, complete a unique line on the market and aim to fulfill the most diverse needs: from the athlete who minds the smallest detail, to the one who is taking the first steps towards different ways of training, up to rehabilitation from injuries. But let’s go in order.

Difference between FORZA PURA EASY and FORZA PURA REHAB bike cranks

Compared to the classic model, the FORZA PURA EASY and FORZA PURA REHAB show some differences. First of all the FAST & EASY system, which is the mechanism that allows switching from the classic mode (locked to the bottom bracket) to the independent one. In the classic model it can be operated via a small semi-automatic lever. In the case of the EASY model the lock / release mechanism is represented by a knob that can be operated manually, through which it is possible to free the crank from the bottom bracket and vice versa. The three available lengths remain unchanged (170, 172.5 and 175 mm), adjustable through a threaded bush located in the coupling of the pedals.


On the other hand, the approach to the FORZA PURA REHAB bike cranks is different. It was created to facilitate the entire rehabilitation process of patients who have suffered major trauma to the joints, or who have to undergo postoperative rehabilitation or need to get surgery with strengthened muscles, thus significantly reducing the post-operative hospital stay. The only difference with the EASY model is in the length. FORZA PURA Rehab can vary from 80 to 180 mm, thus allowing perfect adjustment according to the type of movement allowed to the patient. By shortening the crank arm up to 80 mm, for example, you already have the possibility to take advantage of the minimum range of movement that you normally have from the second / third post-surgery day. Step by step, increasing the adjustment by 2.5mm each time, the patient can gradually resume movement. The FAST & EASY manual system also remains unchanged.

REHAB, like the CLASSIC and EASY models, stimulates muscle groups normally excluded when cycling. Depending on the type of exercises performed, including single leg, it is possible to act on the quadriceps, hip flexors, knee extensors, hamstring, ileus psoas, calf, tibialis, abdominals, gluteus and gluteus medius.

“Nico Valsesia was the first athlete to use a REHAB prototype created for his post-surgery – said MD CEO Marco Sbragi – and when we saw how useful the cranks were in his recovery, we decided to start it producing it with the idea that medical centers, rehabilitation centers and hospitals can take advantage of a product that, as for Nico, has proved essential to returning to the level of physical activity after a delicate surgery “.