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Heart Rate Variability analysis available with the 3.2.0 release of the MD WiFi App

  5 May 2022

Heart rate variability analysis is the latest innovation available with the 3.2.0 release of the MagneticDays App, online from today for iOS and Android. This new update introduces the reading of another useful parameter for both the athlete and the coach. Through the heart rate, in fact, we can understand how much the training has weighed with respect to the external load (Watts expressed). But let’s go in order. First of all, here’s what to do in order to use this new parameter:

  • have the JARVIS firmware update to version 36
  • have the MD WiFi App updated to version 3.2.0
  • have an MD heart rate monitor or other belt that can record RR interval*
  • sit still for 3 minutes before the training begins, to monitor the basal level
  • sit still for 3 minutes after the training ends, to see the difference from the baseline
  • have at least 80% of the data reading available (the App provides this indication by changing the color of the HRV icon during training: RED for insufficient data, YELLOW for average sufficient data, GREEN for sufficient data)**

*The RR interval is the time between one heartbeat and the next, expressed in milliseconds.

**Data reading refers to the optimal heart rate reading while wearing a heart rate monitor.

The new heart rate variability analysis function is included by default for all HTT workouts. But it’s only valid once. In all other cases (repetition of the same HTT workout, self-managed or self-calibrating workout, own workout or workout received from other Coaches), it is available after purchasing a specific package of 20 analyzes from the online shop for €25. It will be up to the user to choose which training to analyze. On the “activities” page of your personal account, you can will see the number of analyzes available.

Overreaching | Allenamento Indoor | Luca Bianchini


The heart rate variability (HRV) analysis in indoor training with JARVIS smart trainer

“Heart rate variability – explains MD Coach Luca Bianchinihas been a consolidated parameter for quite some time. In recent years, thanks to research and the development of new software, it’s been possible to dig deeper into its characteristics. Adding the heart rate variability analysis in indoor training with JARVIS smart trainer MagneticDays – continues Coach Bianchini – allows you to have an additional evaluation tool on monitoring training and on controlling the athlete’s recovery. The post-training analysis allows you to identify other parameters such as respiratory frequency and / or quantification of the internal load“.

Variabilità CARDIACA