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MagneticDays AUTOTEST: statistical analysis of the incremental test (FTP cycling test)

  20 January 2022

For a few months now, we have uploaded 7 free MagneticDays AUTOTEST (FTP Cycling Test) on each personal account. These tests are available to all MD customers/users, to give them the opportunity to choose the best range of physiological parameters when it comes to writing a workout or using our Self-Managed Workouts, or simply to find out their fitness level after a period of inactivity. Each AUTOTEST corresponds to an assumed threshold level (processed by an algorithm) and in each both the warm up phase and the start of the incremental 1:6 test changes. But what is behind the development of the MagneticDays AUTOTEST? A statistical analysis of over 3000 incremental test protocols. Let’s have a look at what it is.

Statistical analysis of over 3000 incremental test protocols (FTP cycling test)

The threshold values of the MagneticDays AUTOTEST (FTP Cycling Test) are provided by an algorithm studied on the basis of the experience gained from the statistical analysis of over 3000 incremental test protocols, from the studies carried out at our TRAINING LAB and from the collaboration with various Italian universities, among all the University of Verona and the Foro Italico in Rome.

Obviously, it is the athlete’s condition at that precise moment that determines the outcome of the test and the threshold values. Each time, the condition is different and therefore the athlete’s response to the test is different. As mentioned above, these considerations are the result of a statistic completed on over 3000 incremental test protocols (1:6), and are able to ensure the actuality of an “estimated” threshold value. This value is as precise as possible without the presence of a coach, who would be able to place the threshold value unequivocally. The threshold values obtained with the AUTOTEST MagneticDays protocols can therefore be considered a good starting point when you do not have the support of a coach, but they cannot be substituted for the data collected by the test protocols analyzed by the Coaches.

“The AUTOTEST MagneticDays – declares the company – is part of that research path we are following to continue to raise the level of personalized training. We place ourselves immediately below the classic test developed in the presence of a Coach, with the difference that, in this case, the users carry out the protocol completely autonomously, without the support of the coach, and can still obtain an accurate estimate of their physical condition.”

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