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J-BIKE Bio MagneticDays: a new frontier in cycling for rehabilitation purposes

  2 September 2020

From 2020, July 27 MagneticDays has obtained the CE certification for J-BIKE as a medical device for rehabilitation purposes in dry conditions, intended for rehab use under medical supervision and/or health professionals. The J-BIKE Bio is different in terms of functions and applications than the classic one, but it maintains all the performance characteristics of JARVIS training system: “The Bio MagneticDays Project brings JARVIS smart trainer to be an instrument that satisfy both the needs of scientific research and medical rehabilitation – CEO MD Marco Sbragi said – starting from the study of dry mechanics.”

The Bio MagneticDays Project includes a work model for the rehabilitation in water and this is the result of a partnership companies from different but synergic industries (precision mechanics, aerospace and railway mechanics, electronics and medicine) with the active collaboration of Pisa University(Faculty of Medicine and Department of Cardiology) regarding the incremental test protocols, collection of data and its scientific validation: “The aquatic environment have characteristic features as anti-gravity and water pressure (that improves with the profundity) – CEO MD continues – so we also developed W-BIKE (Water-Bike), an exerimental model for the rehabilitation in water that represent the best solution for the obese persons and all of who are strongly obstructed to face any workload – in dry condition – with continuity.”

J-BIKE Bio by MagneticDays is the new indoor cycle bike CE certified for medical rehab. It represents a new frontier in cycling for rehabilitation purposes used only by healthcare professionals authorized to practice cycling training protocols for medical and physical rehabilitation. The use of the J-BIKE Bio is recommended for patients who have metabolic and/or vascular problems (in whom controlled physical activity promotes the gradual recovery of normal metabolic and physiological functions), and all of who have undergone trauma or injuries of various kinds to the lower limbs and geriatric ones with limited motor functions.