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Biomedical Research Project

BIO-MAGNETICDAYS project co-financed under the Regional Operational Programme of the European Regional Development Fund Tuscany POR CREO 2014-2020 | Call for proposals 2 “Research and development projects of SMEs”.

“Realization of magnetic roller for water applications, medical and rehabilitation environment

Project developed in R.T.I. (temporary grouping of enterprises) in collaboration with:

  • Istituto per la Salute “Gaetano Palloni”
  • M.C. s.r.l.
  • GA.GI. s.r.l.

What is Bio-MagneticDays?

The project is the result of a partnership companies from different but synergic industries (precision mechanics, aerospace and railway mechanics, electronics and medicine) with the active collaboration of two important Italian Universities like Pisa – Faculty of Medicine and Department of Cardiology about incremental test protocols, collection of data and its scientific validation, and Verona – Department of Neuroscience, Biomedicine and Science of Exercise about all the rehabilitation part.

The MD system allows the control of the pedaling movement accurately ( in order of 0.5 Newton), and monitoring of parameters such as Power (Watts) and RPM, would allow to evaluate the progress achieved over time and analyze the study related to the physiological-metabolic adaptations of the subjects under examination. Achieving a power delivery targeted and studied specifically for the individual subject, makes the categories of patients suffering from heart disease, diabetes, obesity or who have suffered trauma, the subjects interested in exploiting the full potential offered by the system.

Two systems have been developed for the BIO MD project: the J-BIKE for working in a dry environment, and the experimental W-BIKE for the development of specific protocols for training in water – exploiting the anti-gravity situation, the resistance of the fluid, the hydrostatic pressure and the constant maintenance of the temperature of the working environment.

Bio MagneticDays Project is the result of experiences and enthusiasm of more and more users and people who believed in a unique indoor cycling training system based on a scientific approach, and therefore usable also in areas outside the sporting one.


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