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Looking for the best turbo trainer? The top here for you!

  12 June 2019
If you are looking for the best turbo trainer (aka bike or cycle trainer) but do not know which one to get, then you have come to the right place. Generally, the turbo trainer is the ideal solution for riders looking to continue their training in the comfort of their own homes during the winter months or problematic weather conditions. But it’s not always so.

MagneticDays JARVIS: the evolution of the concept of turbo trainer

MagneticDays JARVIS represent the evolution of the concept of turbo trainer. As we often like to say, we have had the intuition to transform the classical bike trainer into a true cycling lab with which improve the physical and mental wellness and cycling performance for everyone. So, there was an evolution of the concept of cycling simulator as it was known until a few years ago, considering that this type of turbo trainer did not improved the quality of outdoor training and performance from the physical point of view. With JARVIS bike trainer, all the phisyological parameters for each user/athlete are clear and measurable by a scientific approach. Your cycling training plan will be revoluctionary with the help of our HTT Methodology that includes high quality workouts 100% custom-made for each user/athlete which clearly will perceive the sensation of riding on a real-like route, with a physical and mental effort greater than reality. Indoor training has never been so fun with the MagneticDays Training Philosophy.

PROMO MagneticDays for summer: that’s why it pays off!

MagneticDays gives you the amazing chance to buy JARVIS for the summer with a fantastic PROMO valid until August 31 (including 36 workouts), in small comfortable installments without interests.

Promo terms and conditions

PROMO MagneticDays is valid from June 1 to August 31. Terms and conditions are following:

  • JARVIS turbo trainer + 36 HTT workouts in 24 installments of 97,50 euro for month

Instalment plan is managed directly by MagneticDays and it requires the signature of client on the charge authorization form, a copy of ID card and fiscal code.

More infos at: [email protected]

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