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Plug In Joule Test 1
Plug In Joule Test 2
Plug In Joule Test 1
Plug In Joule Test 2


PLUG-IN Joule Test


The MagneticDays Joule Test plug-in* allows the writing of an incremental test using Joules as the progression parameter. The resultant will be a curvilinear increase where the start of the test will present a low power for a long period of time. As the test progresses, while the power increases, the time decreases. At the end of the test you will be able to establish the aerobic and anaerobic threshold values.

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*This plug in enables an added function to each step.

Note: to access the plug-in and use the “Create MD Workout” function you need to have a free account on the MagneticDays website. Register here!