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In: Self Managed Workouts



The “Agility and StrengthSelf-Managed Package Workouts includes 8 MagneticDays workouts.

They fall into the category of training that the customer can manage totally independently. Each single workout is in fact made up of a structure that is transformed into data based on the THRESHOLD VALUES that the customer sets (and can change) in their App profile.

Therefore the workouts all have the same structure, but are calculated (individually) based on the threshold values set by each customer.

Given the SELF-MANAGED nature of the training, qualitatively they are placed at a lower level compared to the HTTs, in which a specialized Coach is always responsible for reading the test values.

The package contains 8 Self-Managed Workoutsagility and strenght type – with UNLIMITED DURATION.

Workouts can only be performed only with the MD WiFi App.

Use is associated with the customer’s ID.