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Virtual Gear and ROUTE: 2 ways to diversify your cycling training plan!

  14 May 2020

VIRTUAL GEAR and ROUTE are 2 ways to diversify your cycling training plan with MagneticDays JARVIS smart trainer. Here’s the infos.

VIRTUAL GEAR: from the menu of MD WiFi App (Setting –> My Account) you can select the rider and bicycle weight as well as favorite virtual ratio of cogset and cassette, than you can use the buttons +/- shown on the MD WiFi App display (or our optical remote control) during the workout, in order to “replicate the effort” (Watt) required in a specific part of any cycle route. Virtual Gear can be used paired with ZWIFT or in the MagneticDays Time Trial Newton (if this option is enabled by the MD Coach) or in the ROUTE training mode;

ROUTE: in this training mode you have the possibility to ride on JARVIS System the most famous cycle route in the world (or your personal cycle route) as .tcx or .gpx file imported on your personal profile of our website. For example: the route of IRONMAN KLAGENFURT is represented on the graph below. How can it be used in a smart training session with MagneticDays? This route (180 kilometers) is clearly too much long to ride on a smart trainer, as well as any other router greater than of 35 kilometers, so we thought to give you three advices:

  • ROUTE mode can be used in thriathlon, for example, as pieces of 30/40 kilometers (1h / 1h30′) within a T1 (swim + firsts kilometers on the bike) or T2 (last kilometers on the bike + run) simulation;
  • you can ride a single piece of the ROUTE with the goal to perceive the muscular adaptations in a specific part of the race;
  • a ROUTE (or a part of it) can be used as a long distance training.

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