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MagneticDays Jewelry: a line inspired by cycling from the Tuscan Handcrafted Goldsmith tradition

  15 March 2021

A couple of years ago, Il Sole 24 Ore, a distinguished Italian financial newspaper, wrote a story about MagneticDays, and how it all started in a garage in a small Tuscan village in the Arezzo province. Here, in the late 80’s, a group of friends came up with the idea of building an experimental plane, the GLASAIR, which ended up being an actual flying and functioning plane. All passionate about experimenting and engineering by hobby, most artisan goldsmiths by trade, they all put their efforts together to create new things. They also shared another passion: cycling. So after the plane was completed they started thinking about something new to build; this is how MagneticDays came about: “My true passion is the mechanics of flying – says the CEO of Orf and MagneticDays Marco Sbragi – and Orf is one of the oldest goldsmith companies in the region. It was founded many years ago by my father Giuseppe (born in 1918) who started working as a goldsmith when he was 7 years old. We have always exported a large part of our production: necklaces, bracelets, earrings. Our mechanics department is extremely important, as making our products requires the utmost precision. This is the reason – continues Marco Sbragi – we wanted to realize something that represented both the present and the future of our adventure, without forgetting our roots.”

The new line of jewelry signed MagneticDays celebrates cycling in all its forms and was born as a trait d’union between the goldsmith art and the MD technology. The launch is a also a way to thank all the friends who are participating in the 40 episodes of MD LIVE TRAINING, the indoor cycling format created by MagneticDays to link up customers and friends during these hard months of restrictions due to Covid, and to reinforce the sense of community that MD built in the 10 years from its birth. The team is made of bikers, mtbikers, triathletes, runners, canoeists, bobsledders, all united by the motto “I am Magnetic”!

MagneticDays Jewelry is available now on our e-commerce and includes two lines: FLY-WHEEL – dedicated to the lovers of speed – and SPROCKET SET, dedicated to the lovers of pure mechanics. Both lines can be personalized with the customer’s name upon request, and are available as necklace, bracelet or keychain. You can also choose between the MD steel chain and drawstring. Available in four colors, between the present and the future of the JARVIS: red, black, electric blue and smooky grey.

But there is more: for each purchase of jewelry you will enjoy a 25% of the total price. This amount can be used within 30 days from the purchase in two ways: deducted from the first installment of SMART RENT or from the purchase of any MD self managed Workout package.

MagneticDays Jewelry | Tuscan Handcrafted Goldsmith