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MagneticDays BUNDLE: customize your smart training pack!

  29 July 2021

After being the first and the only ones to introduce the rental formula in the world of indoor training systems several years ago, and having always looked at the needs of customers, today we make another step at the commercial level. A few months ago we created an even more flexible rental formula (valid for CE), SMART RENT, which is accessible and adaptable to every need. The goal is to make it as easy as possible to enter the MD world and to make everyone understand the tremendous difference between the JARVIS smart trainer system and what are commonly called bike trainers, from the simplest ones to smart trainers.

Within the SMART RENT formula – which is available not only for the JARVIS but also for the entire range of MagneticDays products, including the new JARVIS Light – there are 5 “packages” that we have called BUNDLE, specific for all kinds of needs: from fitness centers to medical offices, from biomechanics to those who want to have  a station of excellence for quality indoor training in their homes:

BUNDLE ROLL BAR (JARVIS classic + roll bar + mat)

BUNDLE ROLL BAR Light (JARVIS Light + roll bar + mat)

BUNDLE LA BIKE (La Bike + JARVIS classic + mat)

BUNDLE LA BIKE Light (La Bile + JARVIS Light + mat)


But there is more. MagneticDays, remaining faithful to its great commercial versatility, also offers customers the opportunity to create their own customized BUNDLE, just ask for a quote. Even if the indoor season is still far away, you will have all the tools to make it original and exciting. Hurry up.. customize your smart training pack and enjoy your training!

MagneticDays Bundle | Smart Training Pack