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Gym workouts and smart training: the new MD CYCLING AND GYM TRAINING pack is born

  17 March 2022

Postural rebalancing and athleticization, maximum and explosive strength and resisting strength. These are the three new personalized training packages – named MD CYCLING AND GYM TRAINING – available from today in the MagneticDays shop. But there is something new. The main feature is that they combine Self-Managed Workouts to specific exercises to be carried out in the gym. Each package includes:

. videos with the correct execution of the exercises in the weight room (available in PREMIUM mode by logging in with your username and password on our MDVIDEO.TV platform);

. training sheet in .pdf file (6-weeks work);

. 6 Self-Managed Workouts combined with dry exercises.

Once the package has been purchased, the customer will receive the training plan as a .pdf file  on their personal account. The .pdf will contain both the exercises done in the gym  combined with those done on the JARVIS smart trainer. “We believe that cycling training can be improved even more by including some basic training at the gym – said MD CEO Marco Sbragi – and that’s why we decided to create training packages the special price of euros 100 that also include this factor. Because customization is the basis of the MagneticDays philosophy.

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