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FREE Indoor Cycling WORKOUTS available with the release 3.0.3 of MagneticDays WiFi App

  16 November 2021

The new release 3.0.3 of MagneticDays WiFi App is now available for iOS and Android. This update includes the addition of a new category named FREE WORKOUTS, with 10 free indoor cycling workouts for JARVIS smart trainer ( unlimited duration ). In particular:

  • 3 Self Calibrate Workouts
  • 3 Self Managed Workouts of “Becoming in fit in 3 months” training pack
  • 2 Self Managed Workouts of “Agility and Strenght” training pack
  • 1 Self Managed Workout “Demo Training HTT”
  • 1 Self Managed Workout of “HIIT SPRINT” training pack

Furthermore, is also possible to choose the MD Route modality (Menu –> Training Mode -> MD Route ) and ride the free .tcx and/or .gpx routes directly on JARVIS with the support of VIRTUAL GEAR.

The free workouts are already available for all MD clients. And they will assigned to all new users who will free register on our website.

Free Indoor Cycling Workouts MagneticDays 2