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3 new accessories for indoor cycling training are available now

  24 May 2022

MagneticDays is happy to present 3 new accessories for indoor cycling training with JARVIS available now on MD shop: the Floating Trainer Platform for JARVIS, Bottle Holder / Towel Holder and the amazing Desk Indoor Training. What are the peculiarities? Let’s see them together.

The floating trainer platform for JARVISrealized to host JARVIS smart trainer and ROLL BAR – guarantees greater comfort both when seated and, above all, when not seated, making training with MagneticDays less traumatic and more realistic. Thanks to the mobility of the bike, you will be able to activate all your core muscles to keep it in balance and improve the transfer of power on the pedals.

And let’s not forget comfort, one of the most important factors during an indoor cycling session. So, the TABLE PLUS MagneticDays bottle and towel holder desk complete and make your indoor training station more comfortable. Their three round compartments have been designed to accommodate the recovery meal bottle and shaker. The longitudinal cut, on the other hand, is for the towel during training so you can always have it at hand-

And then, a multifunctional station designed for your indoor sessions, one desk, many functions: with the MagneticDays Indoor Training Desk, you can train comfortably and keep all the accessories you need for your indoor cycling experience close at hand on the non-slip surface. Thanks to the adjustable top equipped with cable holes, you will always be able to check your training on your PC or tablet.

“The MagneticDays offer is constantly evolving – the MD CEO Marco Sbragi said – so, we can’t fail to satisfy even the less scientific but more experiential part of indoor training. These last three accessories are just some of the news coming to our e-commerce”.

Accessories For Indoor Cycling Training