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In: Accessories

Floating Trainer Platform for JARVIS


The floating trainer platform for JARVIS smart trainer guarantees greater comfort both when seated and, above all, when not seated, making training with MagneticDays less traumatic and more realistic. Thanks to the mobility of the bike, you will be able to activate all your core muscles to keep it in balance and improve the transfer of power on the pedals!

The VOLATA A2.1 platform is made up of two high quality birch plywood panels, 15 mm thick, placed one on top of the other and connected by 5 shock absorbers which dampen vibrations. The JARVIS is connected to the platform by Velcro straps and a level keeps it balanced. The platform can also be used with our Roll Bar!

This new accessory will allow you to train better by decreasing vibrations and reducing the stress applied to the frame and components, thanks to the undulating and dissipating movements of the platform.

Made of birch plywood and non-slip material, highly resistant to wear and scratches,dirt and water resistant, easy to wash with a sponge and detergent.

Dimensions: 85x150x9 cm

Platform composed of 2 panels.

Velcro blocks for JARVIS attachment.