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Anthropometric analysis and BioFit in the 3.0.1 release of the MD Biomechanic App

  5 September 2023

The analysis of anthropometric data and the viodeoanalysis for BioFit are the latest new features available with the 3.0.1 release of the MD Biomechanic (ex MD Caliper) App from MagneticDays, online now for iOS and Android.
This new update introduces major new features for the cyclist’s biomechanical analysis, the choice of the correct frame, and the setting of the bike based on the rider’s measurements.

Release 3.0.1 includes the following updates:

  • Video Analysis for Bikefitting: This newly added feature allows the biomechanic, through video and images of the rider on the bike, to detect the angles and measurements needed to set the optimal riding position, and making any adjustments or corrections.

    The angles that can be detected through the analysis, are the main ones needed for a correct BioFit:

    • Knee Angle
    • Ankle Angle
    • Hip Angle
    • Shoulder Angle
    • Elbow Angle
  • Anthropometric analysis of the athlete: Through the MD Biomechanics Anthropometric Tool and the feature available in the app, biomechanics can detect the athlete’s main anthropometric measurements necessary to set the optimal setting.

    The data can be taken using the equipment from MagneticDays’ MD Biomechanics line:

    • Stadiometer – height measurement
    • Inseam Gauge – measurement of inseam height
    • Trunk Gauge – measurement of trunk length
    • Arm Gauge – arm length measurement