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How to increase your cycling wattage with the HTT Training Methodology by MagneticDays

Technique pills back in October! The MagneticDays Head Coach Simone Buracchi introduces another one fundamental cycling exercise of HTT Methodology of Training executed in two different ways but with a common goal: HOW TO INCREASE YOUR CYCLING WATTAGE.

“We know well that athletes have the goal to increase their cycling wattage and performance. Today’s workout concerns in No 2 watt progressions executed in two different ways but with a common goal: how to increase cycling wattage. This progressions can help athletes to improve their Power in terms of Watt. In the watt progression No 1 (yellow circle) the increasing value is represented by the cadence (RPM), whereas the value of Newton (force applied on pedals) is fixed. This step will take effect on the cardiac effort and the value of wattage will increase only with the contribution of the cadenceIn the second progression, instead, the increasing value is represented by Newton (lilac circle), whereas the value of RPM (cadence) is fixed. So, this step will take effect on the muscular effort. The combination of these progressions, repeated N times, allows the athlete to increase cycling wattage in the medium-long term.”

How To Increase Cycling Wattage