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In: Self Managed Workouts



MagneticDays self-calibrating workouts represent the most effective training protocol that can be performed without the presence of a coach. They are based on the automatic reading of the system which adapts to the user / athlete dependending on values found in the first part of the workout.

Each individual workout contains an initial part that determines the intensity of the rest of the session. Therefore, self-calibrating workouts, performed with this criterion and specific to the required methods, are used to assess the condition of the user / athlete at a precise moment.

From today, to the line already available on our shop, we add the pack of self-calibrating workouts written by the winner of the Giro d’Italia, Damiano Cunego! Damiano Cunego self-calibrating workouts maintain the MagneticDays technology and protocol, with the bonus of having been designed by a great cycling champion with twenty years of experience.

The offer package contains 12 workouts valid for an UNLIMITED TIME.

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The package contains 12 Self Calibrating Workouts – made by the winner of 2004 Giro d’Italia Damiano Cunego – with UNLIMITED DURATION.

Workouts can only be performed only with the MD WiFi App.

Use is associated with the customer’s ID.