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MD JARVIS smart trainer
MD JARVIS smart trainer
MD JARVIS smart trainer
MD JARVIS smart trainer
MagneticDays Jarvis molto più di un rullo per allenamento indoor
MD JARVIS smart trainer

In: JARVIS MagneticDays

MD JARVIS smart trainer


JARVIS MagneticDays is the Italian smart trainer based on a scientific approach, born with the mission to improve the cycling performance as well as phisycal & mental weel-being of all users/athletes.

With its 4 premium plus (technology, craftsmanship Made in Tuscany, precision mechanics and research of the best raw materials) it represents a high quality and one-of-a-kind product able to “build”​ specific trainings for all the people in every moment (depending on their needs), accompanying them (step by step) towards the complete physical and mental well-being as well as best cycling performance through high quality trainings named HTT, the heart of our Indoor Training System, that represent the most scientific built training programs that are currently possible, going beyond the concept of Power (Watt) and distinguishing it from its 2 fundamental components: Force (Newton) and RPM (Revolution Per Minute).

JARVIS has a 2-year warranty and, included in the purchase price, 2 MONTHS of customised INDOOR and OUTDOOR workouts of the revolutionary HTT (High Tech Training) methodology, under the supervision of one of our MD Coaches!

Clear selection
  • Built-in wireless connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy, and all the other wireless system
  • Interactive control from Smartphone/Tablet (App MD WiFi) or Computer
  • Power Source NiMH 10.8V (rechargeable battery)
  • Extremely precise brake (30 positions are certficated)
  • Iron structure, CNC machined and powder-coated
  • Anodized aluminium components
  • Special steel shafts treated for galvanizing
  • Inox steel bolts
  • Axle wrought in hot dip galvanized steel
  • Mechanical parts entirely assembled on a double bearing with double protection
  • Permanent magnets made of rare earth elements
  • Transmission by a high resistance Poly-V belt (very low noise)
  • Fast integrated system lock/unlock of the wheel
  • Universal locking system for rear triangle (Road/MTB/Fixed/Track)
  • Assembly area for frames with forks BOOST (110 mm)
  • Complete kit for application on frames with thru-axle
  • Assembly area for wheels with mast fof 10 and 12 mm (lenght 142 mm)
  • Shimano Cassette 11v (10v compatible also)
  • Dimensions (package) 47 x 18 x 43 cm
  • Weight 9 kg
CE certified product
EU Declaration of Conformity_MD JARVIS
  • AC Power Supply + Power Cord
  • Bike locks + adapters set
  • Thru-axle kit
  • USB wireless aerial adapter
  • Wireless Cadence Sensor
  • Wireless heart rate belt
  • Optical Remote Control System
  • USB cable 4,5 m (PC connection)
  • Calibration certificate (magnetic brake)
  • MD Quick Guide