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FORZA PURA Pedal Cranks

In: MagneticDays rental and ransom service

Smart Rent FORZA PURA bike cranks


The Smart Rent offer includes also the FORZA PURA bike cranks, a real evolution in terms of pedal efficiency and technique. Cycling, triathlon, mtbiking, cyclo-cross, running, swimming, walking and cycle tourism: FORZA PURA bike cranks is at the service of a large a large list of sports activities. With FORZA PURA all muscle groups involved in the 4 phases of pedaling are trained selectively, in particular those which – in most cases – are almost never used. The cranks are equipped with a Fast & Easy locking / unlocking system that allows you to switch easily, immediately and safely from the classic mode to the “independent” mode from the bottom bracket.

The amount of € 225 refers to the first installment that allows you to receive the contract and activate the rental plan.

To see the smart rent agreement, click here.


  • FIRST INSTALLMENT € 225 VAT tax is included
  • RENTAL PLAN 13 Installments
  • MONTHLY INSTALLMENT € 75/for month



  • PRODOTTO FORZA PURA bike cranks
  • FORZA PURA bike cranks by MagneticDays (can be used in a totally “independent way” from the bottom bracket)