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The Indoor Bike by MagneticDays just landed in Thailand!

  26 February 2019

The MagneticDays Indoor Bike is one of the main accessory products designed for the JARVIS MagneticDays indoor training system. Used in place of the bike frame, it allows precise adjustment of the position, in terms of height and advancement, of the saddle and handlebar. Easily applicable to JARVIS, it creates the perfect workstation for indoor training sessions. It can be easily moved thanks to the integrated front wheels, and through the removable front leg you can reduce the overall size when it’s not used.

The MagneticDays Indoor Bike is available now at JJ PRO Cycling Centre, one of the best in Thailand for Coaching, Bike Fitting, Aerodynamics, Lactate Tests & Cycling Consultancy by Professional “Coach JJ” with 35 years experience: Not only are we fully booked but our first shipment of MagneticDays have arrived from Italy – Coach John Julius Bennett said – and this indoor bike is the most realistic and accurate road feel trainer there is. We now have MagneticDays Indoor Bike so you can come and test MD trainer and be fitted for your new bike, test various aerobar brands to work out which one suits your body to optimise aerodynamics. Test different saddles and even workout on it. Probably the best quality built indoor bike there is. A huge thank you to Marco Sbragi and Kate Rutherford for supporting JJ Pro Performance!”

MagneticDays Indoor Bike