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MagneticDays AUTOTESTS are available now!

  7 November 2019

From October 2019, we have uploaded 7 MagneticDays AUTOTESTS (incremental exercise test made without the supervision of a Coach) in each personal account of all MD users/clients on our website. But, what are the MagneticDays AUTOTESTS?

MagneticDays AUTOTESTS represent one of the most recent introduction in the smart training field by MagneticDays, totally free of charge and at the disposal of all MD users/clients in order to give them the opportunity to choose the best range of physiological parameters at threshold (Watt, Newton, Cadence and Hear Rate) in case of: 1) autowriting workout; 2) use of MagneticDays Self Managed Workouts; 3) know your physical conditions at a specific time.

Each MagneticDays AUTOTESTS corresponds to a theoretical threshold value (elaborated on an algorithmic basis) and, in each one, changes both the warm up and start of the incremental exercise test. The threshold values ​​of the MagneticDays AUTOTESTS are obtained through an algorithm of our software, therefore it are to be considered a good starting point when you don’t have the support of a Coach, although these data can’t be replaced with those obtained by the analysis of a Coach.

“The MagneticDays AUTOTESTS – CEO MD Marco Sbragi says – are a part of our course of research and development that we are following to continuosly improve the level of custom-built training. The only difference with our incremental exercise tests is that the user/athlete carries out the workout in complete autonomy without the supervision of a Coach, obtaining an accurate valuation of the physical condition anyway.”

MagneticDays Autotests