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New partnership for indoor cycling training between Aquagranda Livigno and MagneticDays

  21 November 2022

After the first partnership in 2018 as official MD center, Aquagranda Livigno strengthens its activity for the indoor cycling training with MagneticDays and the precious collaboration of Alessandro Vanotti, the Italian former Professional Cyclist winner of 9 Giro d’Italia, 5 Tour de France, 5 Vuelta de Espana, 1 World Championship, and MD Coach from 2020.

The new agreement comes just a few months after the signing of a protocol between CONI and the APT Livigno which transformed the famous Sports Center in the province of Sondrio into an Olympic Training Centre (with CONI affiliation) at the service of Italian and international athletes.

Thanks to its climatic and environmental uniqueness, Livigno confirms itself as a European reference point for altitude training, with an increasingly important list of athletes and federations choosing it to finalize their preparation. Excellence also certified by the recent investiture by CONI, which has made the location an Olympic Training Center.

Carlo Mornati, CONI Secretary General and Head of the Sports Office, recently commented: “Altitude training is a theme we have been pursuing for some time. We started in 2013 and with the Olympic Training Center in Livigno we have reached the goal. Livigno is a unique Center in the world that can include all sport disciplines, and its climatic variety are decisive: every detail makes the difference”.

Indoor Cycling Training | Aquagranda Livigno 1



A MagneticDays fully equipped room inside the Aquagranda Sports Center

The agreement between Aquagranda and MagneticDays provides for a fully equipped MagneticDays room which includes 7 MD workstations made of MD INDOOR BIKE, JARVIS smart trainers and FORZA PURA independent bike cranks (also in the REHAB version), which will be used by many elite athletes to train with calibrated work programs using the Multisession developed by MD engineers. In fact, this type of protocol allows JARVIS bike trainers to be connected via a local network (intranet) and used both in a single station and in group training, with loads suitable for each individual athlete.

Indoor Cycling Training | Aquagranda Livigno 2

Furthermore, it will also be possible to use JARVIS in simulation mode by importing any route cycled outdoors, a plus that will allow to train on specific routes but also to carry out collective races that can will be viewed on a large-screen television. All activities will be managed by qualified personnel with official MagneticDays training. The point of reference for these activities will be Alessandro Vanotti, who will attend specific initiatives such as training camps or training sessions. Finally, among the many possibilities for training, there are also those dedicated to long-distance races such as Ironman, ICON and Granfondo.

“We are extremely satisfied with the agreement with the Livigno Olympic Training Centerthe CEO MD Marco Sbragi said – because this partnership (also thanks to the fundamental role of Alessandro Vanotti) will allow us to make known our training philosophy to the many Italian athletes and international players who choose the altitude training and Aquagranda to improve their performance. Furthermore, it will be a great opportunity to demonstrate once again the versatility of an instrument such as the JARVIS smart trainer and its infinite possibilities”.

“Altitude training is one of the best activities to increase the sporting performance of professional and non-professional athletes – commented Luca Moretti, President of APT Livigno – and here each athlete can reach an altitude between 1,800 and 2,800 meters depending on the type of sport. In this context, the partnership with MagneticDays represents the icing on the cake for Livigno and the Aquagranda Sports Center, which in this way will be able to offer the best support also for indoor cycling training.

Indoor Cycling Training | Aquagranda Livigno 3