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How to export file .FIT: latest news by MagneticDays

  17 September 2018

It’s possible to save a workout made as extension .FIT and upload it on platforms like Strava or TrainingPeaks? Yes! MagneticDays offers you this opportunity also! You can download your workout from the personal MD account as extension .FIT (section “workout completed”). In addition, is possible also to import a workout (in the personal MD account) as extension .FIT and ride it on Jarvis:

  1. YOU CAN import only file .FIT to do made with platforms like TrainingPeaks or similar;
  2. YOU CAN NOT import file .FIT done made by Garmin or similar.

Don’t worry! You can ride on MagneticDays your favorite routes – using the button named UPLOAD FILE – where you can import .TCX or .GPX files.

export file FIT | MagneticDays