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Gold Cycling project under the Regional Operational Programme of the European Regional Development Fund.

Tuscany POR CREO 2014-2020 | Internationalization


The Project

The purpose of the operation is the inauguration of a showroom in the city of Dubai, to strengthen knowledge and direct contacts with distributors of jewellery and precious metals, and with the main distributors and Arab wholesalers in order to offer the direct presence of the company in the global hub of the jewellery market.

The goal, at the same level as the first, is also to create contacts with the world of cycling within the Arab city, in order to find solutions for the opening-up of the foreign market in the Arab Emirates of the new type of products created by O.R.F. dedicated to the world of indoor cycling training.

The activities that the project aims to achieve are the creation of a showroom in the city of Dubai, the organization of promotional events for the divulgation of the product and the participation in the main exhibitions of the goldsmith sector.


gold cycling | POR FESR 2014-2020