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Step Workout with variable value of RPM and fixed value of Newton

The MagneticDays Head Coach Simone Buracchi introduces another one fundamental cycling exercise of HTT Methodology of Training: STEP WORKOUT WITH VARIABLE VALUE OF RPM AND FIXED VALUE OF NEWTON.

“This exercise – fixed Newton based – uses cadence (rhythm) as a Watt modulator. A constant value of Newton (yellow circles) represent a step workout with variable value of cadence (and Watt) as shown in the red circles. So, the training stimulus mainly depends on the cardio-respiratory system and the muscular system is constantly stimulated on the basis of the Coach’s choice of Newton value. This value will not change during the cycling exercise; in other words, whatever the cadence applied to the pedals by the athlete, Newton’s value (and therefore the strength) will not vary. This exercise is only possible on JARVIS smart trainer, because it allows to work on Watt, RPM and Newton in a separately and specifically way.”