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Step Newton-based workout without recovery

The MagneticDays Head Coach Simone Buracchi introduces another one fundamental cycling exercise of HTT Methodology of Training: STEP NEWTON-BASED WORKOUT WITHOUT RECOVERY.

“Today’s workout concerns in two equal Newton-based steps (as shown in the yellow circle) without recovery. The goal is to reach the predetermineted value of Watt. In both cases the athlete uses the same cadence (athlete’s cadence at the threshold) but a different value of Newton (force applied to the pedals): with OFFSET equal to -5 (compared to the value of Newton at the threshold), then -3 and finally 0 (at the threshold) as shown in the pink circle. Playing with different values of Newtons and times of exposure to cycling exercise, the athlete can reach the desiderable value of Watts with a partial recovery of the muscle stimuli. The goal of these steps workout, indeed, is to learn how to overcome the resistant forces that gradually become more important.”

Step Workout Newton Based 2