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How to stimulate the anaerobic threshold with a MD workout

The MagneticDays Head Coach Simone Buracchi introduces another one fundamental cycling exercise of HTT Methodology of Training: HOW TO STIMULATE THE ANAEROBIC THRESHOLD WITH A MD WORKOUT.

“In today’s technical pill, our focus is on two Newton-controlled steps, both lasting 3 minutes and with the same goal: the stimulation of the anaerobic threshold developing the same value of Watts, but in 2 different ways. In the first case (red circle) we are facing a step in agility where the value of newtons are those of the athlete’s threshold but the number of RPM is increased than those at the threshold (93 instead of 90), with the stimulation of the cardio-respiratory system. In the second step of workout (yellow circle) we are facing the opposite situation; the number of RPM at the threshold are the same (90) but the value of the newton increases, with the muscular strenght development.”

How To Stimulate The Anaerobic Threshold