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Cycling Progression (Watt) from medium threshold to threshold at the optimal RPM

The MagneticDays Head Coach Simone Buracchi introduces one of fundamental cycling exercise of HTT Methodology of Training: THE CYCLING PROGRESSION (WATT) FROM MEDIUM THRESHOLD TO THRESHOLD AT THE OPTIMAL RPM.

“The purpose of this type of cycling exercise (red circle in the graph below) is to optimize the relationship between cadence and force, with the goal to increase Bike Power in terms of Watts. The athlete, on the basis of his physiological values, must pedal a progression (in terms of cadence) from 80 RPM (medium threshold) to 90 RPM (at the threshold) with a ratio Watt/Time equal to 1:4. (1 watt each 4 seconds). The aim of this exercise is to investigate the relationship between RPM and Watt. But.. what does cycling progression at the optimal RPM? There is not exist a standard RPM value but exist an ideal value on the basis of the value of watts that the athlete is be able to produce. In this type of progression (and with these values), the athlete starts from his medium threshold (80 RPM) to reach the threshold (90 RPM) with the goal to thus managing to optimize the relationship between cadence and force.”

Cycling Progression At The Optimal RPM 1