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Jarvis Bike | J-BIKE MagneticDays | MD J-BIKE
MD J-BIKE | J-BIKE MagneticDays
MD J-BIKE | J-BIKE MagneticDays
MD J-BIKE | J-BIKE MagneticDays
Jarvis Bike | J-BIKE MagneticDays | MD J-BIKE
MD J-BIKE | J-BIKE MagneticDays
MD J-BIKE | J-BIKE MagneticDays
MD J-BIKE | J-BIKE MagneticDays

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J-BIKE is one of the latest MagneticDays innovations. It was launched in 2017 on the Asiatic marketplace and includes all the high performance technology of JARVIS smart indoor bike trainer. J-BIKE is more than a traditional indoor bike, it’s a complete and high performance indoor training system for high quality training, created to meet the needs of fitness and wellness centers that always required a specific product.

The futuristic design was made by the Tuscan architect Gianfranco Caprai, who is specialized in product design.

J-BIKE is programmable to work in multi session also, an additional plus for all the fitness and wellness centers which can monitor the personal improvements of their customers in real time, through real and reproducible data, thanks to the high quality and one-of-a-kind product able to “build” specific trainings for all the people in every moment (depending on their needs).

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Sfoglia la Dream List
  • Complete MD JARVIS training system
  • Built-in wireless connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy, ANT+
  • Interactive control from Smartphone/Tablet (App MD WiFi) or Computer
  • Power Source Li-on 10.8V – 12.6V (rechargeable battery)
  • Certified constant magnetic brake (30 positions)
  • CNC machined and powder-coated iron structure
  • Shafts in special steel treated for thick galvanizing
  • Complete stainless steel nuts and bolts
  • Movements mounted on double bearing with double protection
  • Permanent magnets brake made of rare earth elements
  • Transmission belts in Poly-V with high technical resistance 
  • Powder-coated polycarbonate cartering
  • Dual optical interactive control keys
  • Iron base with painted wooden cover
  • Training Mat in fireproof PVC printed with latex system
  • Front wheels to facilitate the movement of the machine
  • Adjustable cranks in 3 lengths 170/172,5/175 mm 
  • Ergonomic 3-position handlebar, made of powder-coated iron, with technical tape coating
  • Saddle and handlebar height adjustment with direct reading
  • Saddle and handlebar feed adjustment with direct reading
  • Tablet or Smartphone mobile device housing
  • Front pocket for object holder (ex. water bottle, towel)
  • J-BIKE
  • Dual-Optical keys for remote control

The instrument is supplied without the pair of pedals, so as to leave free the customization of the instrument. The adjustable cranks are designed by our laboratories with universal attack.