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FORZA PURA Pedal Cranks
FORZA PURA Pedal Cranks
FORZA PURA Pedal Cranks
pedivelle indipendenti | FORZA PURA | Nico Valsesia | MagneticDays
pedivelle indipendenti | FORZA PURA | Nico Valsesia | MagneticDays


FORZA PURA Pedal Cranks


Forza Pura pedal cranks can be used in a totally “independent way” from the bottom bracket. What does it mean? Independent means one leg cannot help the other in making the pedals go around and in order to pedal the bike one cannot simply relax on the back stroke but must actively raise the pedal using your hip flexor and hamstring muscles, generally undertrained muscles in most athletes. Forza Pura pedal cranks are very easy to use, in indoor and outdoor, and are be able to improve significantly all the phases of the pedal cycle, preventing many of the injuries that occur from a wrong way to pedal with more benefits in terms of effort reduction.

Forza Pura pedal cranks are a mix of technology and innovation at the service of a large list of sports activities: cycling, triathlon, mtbiking, cyclo-cross, running, swimming, walking and cycle tourism. It represents a real evolution in terms of pedal efficiency and technique, because all the muscle groups are involved in the pedal cycle and specifically trained. With Forza Pura we’ve redesigned the concept and features of the classic pedal cranks with the goal to give you a new and reliable cycling outdoor experience. The strong points of FORZA PURA pedal cranks are:

  1. 100% compatibility with any frame and bottom brackets;
  2. three lenghts: 170 mm, 172,5 mm or 175 mm;
  3. the innovative lock/unlock Fast&Easy system that allows to release each crank from the bottom bracket by a little lever, switching from lock to unlock modality quickly and in complete safety.

Download and complete the request form “Axle Bottom Bracket”, than, send the form via mail to [email protected]. So, we will ship the correct size of Axle Bottom Bracket for your bike.

  • Aluminum 70/75 t6 framework, high precision CNC turning and anoziding processes
  • Lock/Unlock Fast & Easy system
  • Pedal cranks are equipped with Joint “ISO 2 type” on the basis of size bottom bracket
  • Three lenghts available: 170 / 172,5 / 175 mm

Request form “Axle Bottom Bracket”

1 couple of pedal cranks

Regulation of the length of pedal cranks

Bottom Bracket

Instructions guide