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Improve your performance: enter into the MagneticDays world

MagneticDays is more than a smart trainer but a cycling lab with a scientific approach and unlimited possibilities. The MD’s Training Method is based on the use of physiological parameters for each user/client, in order to obtain a high-level workout. 

The System is composed of two fundamental blocks: the platform and the training methodology.


The mechanical hub is the MD platform: suitable for any type of bike, very light (about 9 kg) and completely silent. It works (with our methodology) totally automatically (without the use of the bike change)


The listed price is € 1.990,00 (VAT included). The price includes shipping and a bundle of 12 training of our HTT methodology.

The JARVIS can be rented for

  • 6 months at a cost of € 700,00 (VAT included)
  • 3 months at a cost of € 450,00 (VAT included)

The rental price also includes shipping and a package of 12 training sessions of our HTT methodology (only for the first rental).

At the end of the rental you can ransom JARVIS and recover part of what was initially paid for the rental, deducting it from the pricelist.

  • € 600,00 (in case of 6 months rental)
  • € 300,00 (in case of 3 months rental)

By adding a package of the HTT methodology, purchase and redemption are available with interest-free time payment from 10 to 24 months.


  • JARVIS can be programmed in autonomy and without having to use our coaching service.
  • At the end of a rental period you can extend for a new period under the same conditions, but without the 12 workouts initially included (to be purchased separately)


HTT Methodology represent the most scientific built training programs that are currently possible, going beyond the concept of Power (Watt) and distinguishing it from its 2 fundamental components: Force (Newton) and RPM (Revolution Per Minute). With the registration at our website, you will have at your disposal a personal profile where all the training protocols will be loaded and saved, and where it will be possible to send messages to your personal MD Coach.


  1. First briefing session with a MD Coach where the user/athlete defines own goals.
  2. Second step is the evaluation of athletic training form (with a first workout) in order to understand the real physiological parameters of the user/athlete.
  3. Later you receive a Data Analysis Report and first 6 built training programs (avg duration: 50/60 minutes for each). Workouts are valid for 4 months from the date of the first execution (during this time they may be freely repeated).
  4. The last workouts of this first pack include additional parameters and evaluation that allow to create next workouts.
  5. Fourth step is represented by a second pack of 6 workouts (on the basis of the new parameters of user/athlete) and weekly planner for indoor and outdoor trainings with the relative reference values.

From one training pack to another training pack, there’s always a new briefing session with your personal MD Coach, in order to better understand every step of HTT Methodology.


Pack 12 Workouts    Euro  150,00
Pack 24 Workouts    Euro  250,00
Pack 36 Workouts    Euro  350,00
Pack 48 Workouts    Euro  450,00
Year-Long Pack        Euro  700,00 (solar year)


All the smart trainer in the MD line, if combined with a package of personalized HTT methodology, can be purchased under TIME PAYMENT WITHOUT INTEREST up to 24 months! The mandatory condition is to buy 1 training pack of HTT methodology that depends according to the length of the payment.

The service is provided directly by the Company and includes the payment of an initial deposit on delivery, which depends on the amount of material purchased. The other part can be extended in 12 or 24 instalments at the customer’s discretion.

Payments are made by automatic debit in your Bank Account or by Credit Card.


  • signing of the authorization for the debit, in a special form that you will receive with the invoice of the advance
  • sending a copy of a valid customer identification document
  • sending of the customer’s tax code

The payment of the advance and the transmission of the signed form will be sufficient to unlock the immediate shipment of the order. In the shop you can request customized quotes (discounts and deferrals) for cumulative purchases.

For more information, please contact us or call our Sales Manager directly at +39 348 707 8770

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