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East Cycling Operation/Project co-financed under the Regional operational programme of the European regional development fund.

Tuscany POR CREO 2014-2020 | Action 3.4.2 “Incentives to purchase services in support of internationalization in support of SMEs”- 2018


The project

The aim of the operation is to create a unique company space, within a proactive international reality such as the one in Hong Kong, able to combine the two sides that characterize O.R.F. : the tradition of Italian goldsmith production, and MagneticDays’ Hi-Tech innovation in the world of indoor training.

Our interest is expanding both our jewelry and hi-tech training platforms to new, international markets; our strategy is to have a stable presence in the international markets with the highest expansion. We are consolidating the project started in DUBAI (UAE), as well as expanding the one in the far east markets with the creation of a unique showroom in HONG KONG. This will act as a base for both strengthening sales relationships in the world of precious metals, and to exploit the growing passion for cycling in these countries”.