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Cyber Test Software | HTT Module
Cyber Test Software | HTT Module



The MagneticDays “Cyber ​​Test Software” online courses are used to train coaches and cycling enthusiasts who want to learn the principles behind the MD personalized training methodology, learn how to use hardware and software technology and be able to better structure the indoor training for themselves and / or their athletes.

By participating in the training WRITING MODULE + HTT MODULE, you will have the opportunity to become a certified MagneticDays Official Coach!

In this case, the company reserves the right to assign the title of Official Coach MD to candidates in possession of the appropriate requirements: at the end of the lessons, you will have to take a final test.
If you pass the test, you can sign the official coaching contract with the company. By signing the contract you will have access to an advantageous dedicated offer!

Furthermore, you will access the possibility of purchasing the CYBER TEST Pro software license.

The training program involves teaching the High Tech Training methodology developed by MagneticDays with ONLINE lessons.

At the end of the module, the candidate must necessarily participate in a final evaluation test.

All the lessons that make up the module are available within the MagneticDays Vimeo platform.
Once the course has been purchased, the student will be emailed the access code to the online form to follow the lessons.



You will also access the possibility of purchasing the CYBER TEST Pro software license



The course can be subsequently integrated with in-depth lessons (optional), in videoconference mode, which last 1 hour each (€ 70.00 including VAT)